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So I'm trying to get my Table of Contents to appear on a separate page. I've added the \newpage tags above and below. toc, but for some reason it's having no effect. I also tried \clearpage, but th This document was generated on 1 March 1996 using the texi2html translator version 1. 46. texi2html translator version 1. 46. Note: For the table of contents to work properly you must compile the document twice or use latexmk pdf Open an example in ShareLaTeX Change the title of the table of contents.

The default title for the table of contents is" Contents"this can be changed into whatever you need. LaTeX will use the section headings to create the table of contents and there are commands to create a list of figures and a list of tables as well.

I will give a small example code to create a table of contents The tocloft package provides means of controlling the typographic design of table of contents, list of figures and list of tables (copied from its documentation). Introducing the package would go beyond the scope of this article.

Please ensure Internet access and enable JavaScript. Table of Contents 1. Introduction2 2. Licence and Requirements2 3. Setup2 4. The Basic Principle3 5. Stoichiometric Factors4 6. Compounds7 6. 1. Adducts. 7 6. 2. Subscripts. . 7 6. 3. Commands. . 8 6. 4. Charges and Other Superscripts9 6. 5. Bonds. 11.

Native Bonds. 11. Table of contents. All autonumbered headings get entered in the Table of Contents (ToC) automatically.

You don't have to print a ToC, but if you want to, just add the command \tableofcontents at the point where you want it printed (usually after the Abstract or Summary). Lists of tables and figures A list of the tables and figures keep the information organized and provide easy access to a specific element. This article explains how to create a list of figures, a list of tables and how to change the default title in both of them. The mhchem package can be integrated with Moodle in one of two ways, though the first (via MathJax) is recommended.

via MathJax The recommended way is by using MathJax to render TeX notation and include the mhchem extension. The first part is about creating an environment that behaves similarly to equation, but for reactions defined in mhchem.

I had a look in source2e in the definition of equation (around l. 293 in source2e) but couldn't quite figure out how to transfer that onto my new environment. Table of Contents I. Preliminaries2 1. Licence, Requirements and README 2 2. Motivation and Background3 manual. The above means that not all functionality is available per default. If you want to load all Nevertheless you should be able to use the mhchem [Hen15 package with chemmacros.

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