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. C INSTRUCTION MANUALSGVLG2G3 with LV and SV Series Actuators 4mm 1 2 3! ! 2 2 1 AAB B AAB AAB 1 2 1 IN4004 or IN4007 diode. (IN4007 supplied, Belimo Part number ) 18 Actuators with plenum rated cable do not have numbers INSTRUCTION MANUAL EV Series Actuators BLK Black Negro Noir Preto RED C LRX, NRX, ARX, AKRX Actuators with Electronic Pressure Independent Valves (ePIV) with ModBus Actuators Instruction Manual Author: Belimo Subject: C LRX, NRX, ARX, AKRX Actuators with Electronic Pressure Independent Valves (ePIV) with ModBus Actuators Instruction Manual Belimo makes a wide range of actuators that operate with 24, 120, or 240 volt supply.

Universal power actuators like AFBUP accept voltages from Read more Do you have linkage installation instructions for 3way butterfly valve and SY actuator? Belimo Actuators& Damper Accessories. Honeywell Electric Actuators. Johnson Controls Electric Actuators. KMC Electric Actuators. Honeywell Light Duty Actuators. Valve Actuator Spring Return 24V Modulating.

Call Now for Price: Add to Order Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Belimo is the global market leader in the development, production, and marketing of field device solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Actuators, control valves, and sensors make up the companys core business.

Product Documentation Damper Actuators and Accessories Effective January 2004 Belimo Project: Empire State Building New York, New York Table of Contents Actuators must be reprogrammed for different Minimum and Maximum Settings if actuator setups must be changed. Please contact Technical Sales Belimo LMB243 Installation And Operation Manual. Related Manuals for Belimo LMB243. Controller Belimo AF24 US Manual. Af series (27 pages) General Information Table of Contents Page Preliminary Steps Belimo actuators with NEMA 1 or NEMA 2 ratings should General Mounting be mounted indoors in a dry, relatively BF230 is a European fire and smoke damper actuator.

Nominal voltage of AC 230 VAC, nominal torque motor of 18 Nm, and spring return torque of 12 Nm. Belimo actuators manufactured for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) may include custom features that are unique to the OEM. Belimo Installation Manuals for valves and actuators. Wiring Diagrams. Belimo Damper& Valve Actuator Wiring Guide. Belimo Spring Return Actuators AF24SR US For Actuator Wiring Information and Diagrams, Please See Belimo Wiring Guide (pg 349).

2 to 10 VDC control Typical Specification Spring return control damper actuators shall be direct coupled type which require no crankarm and linkage and be capable of direct mounting to a jackshaft up to a 1.

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