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The Talika duo is a round, disclike device that emits orange light on one side to stimulate collagen production and green light on the other to This Light Duo is basically a revolutionary antiaging and youth treatment device that uses a particular light Talika light duo manual to treat two kinds of skin problems at once which are: wrinkles and dark spots (a. k. a skin loss of elasticity and skin coloration). Feb 10, 2012  TALIKA Light Duo TALIKA Light Duo is actually not a new item in the world, but it is in Indonesia.

The TALIKA laboratories have designed this DUO, a portable device with each side emitting a distinct light wave: on one side, the light 590 reactivates collagen synthesis and elastin production.

The manual says you Talika Light Duo (aka Talika Light Duo Plus) 3rd generation. Beauty device type. Photo therapy tech, external use (with or without direct contact) Functions. The machine comes with 3 settings. Each performs a different function. Green light Mar 14, 2014 Talika Light Duo also comes with gentle vibration feature which boost microcirculation and improves intercellular communication. So you may chose to place the device directly on your face to enjoy the gentle massage, or put it a few cm away just for the light therapy.

Feb 19, 2014  HOW TO USE TALIKA LIGHT DUO Talika See the Light YOKO Talika Light DUO A marvel of technology TALIKA LIGHT DUO Duration: 2: 23. Talika See the Light 22, 239 views. LIGHT DUO, the new Talika Light, to act on deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing the skin. Talika has again, pushed the limits of cosmetics and opened up the way to a HighTech Home Treatment approach to youngerlooking skin.

This is an introduction of Talika Light Duo, the fourth generation of the Talika Light; a HighTech Home Treatment that gives a younger looking skin. For the first time, Talika combines a powerful antiaging multiprogram light into one single device.

This is a multiaction skincare technology to combat the signs of time on on deep wrinkles and dark Talika Light DUO combines the complementary treatment concerns of whitening and antiaging into a single product which is the same size as the bestselling originals.

On one side, Light 590 Collagen Booster emits the wavelength identified to reactivate collagen production deep within the cells. Light Duo The 1st skin" photorejuvenation" program, inspired by Light Therapy. At the cutting edge of innovation, it is the fruit of the Talika Research teams expertise, after studying wavelengths for almost 15 years and becoming a pioneer on the Light Sep 09, 2016 This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. Talika are the Parisian skincare experts, whose innovative formulas are created to focus on the daily skincare concerns of women. Their expert solutions target blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, cellulite and more.

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