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Podcasts App: The Ultimate Guide How to set refresh rate for podcasts on iPhone and iPad; Manually. How to turn off Delete Played Episodes for Podcasts on iPhone and iPad. If you're sharing an Apple ID with a family member or friend and download your podcasts, you might not want to delete any episodes of shared podcasts. To manually force a refresh to check for new episodes.

Open the side menu; Tap the Pocket Casts icon Sep 22, 2017 This video walks you through how to manually refresh your Apple Podcast feed using iTunes Connect. manually refresh your Apple Podcast feed using iTunes Connect. See more videos by Max here Jan 23, 2014 Apple has issued a maintenance update to its Podcasts app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

The new edition, now available free in the App Store, brings a handy pull to refresh feature allowing you to pull down on the My Subscriptions screen in order to manually refresh your iPhone Podcasts won't Update; Question iPhone Podcasts won't Update. 2 years ago 2 January 2016.

Troubleshooting; 8 replies; 2938 Views I have tried everything to manually refresh the podcast list on the SONOS App. The Podcasts are on the podcast app on my iPhone but there is no way to get them to update in the SONOS To check for updates manually, select Podcasts in the Library section of the source list, and then click the roundcircle refresh button in the lowerleft corner of the view under the Unplayed or Podcasts tab, or the Refresh button in the lowerright corner of the view under the List tab.

Jul 23, 2016  When I open up file explorer in Windows 10, single click on a file the window automatically refreshes and almost seems to reopen. how to solve issue with auto refresh in file exploree.

10: 12 AM. Like 0. 3 How to solve issue with autorefresh in File Explorer? (Windows 10) Similar Threads. W10M Insider Preview iTunes for Windows: Default podcast settings If you choose Manually, you can check for new episodes by clicking Refresh at the bottom of the list of podcasts in the iTunes window.

Limit Episodes. Choose the maximum number of episodes you want to keep. Any episodes over the maximum are automatically deleted. Oct 28, 2014 Hello, i'm trying to refresh a section in infopath list form without closing the form. I don't want users to close and open the form again to see the field data. how can i get this done? ? ? ? Jan Refresh podcasts manually open, 2012 We don't want to manually open or refresh the linked tables each time we want to see the latest data.

Three Ways To Refresh (Fetch New) Podcasts on iTunes on Windows Desktop. Manual Refresh. You can select the podcast that you are interested in and navigate to the top right icon Refresh Podcast. This will fetch for new shows on the selected podcast only.

iTunes 11. 4 not syncingrefreshing podcasts? How I resolved it. 48 Replies. In general, I try to avoid Apple products when I can, but I do use and enjoy and iPod Nano for podcasts. the fix above did nothing to correct my podcast refresh problems. without manually stepping through them to see what didnt download. Steve July 10,

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