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Apr 02, 2005 300ZX TT 5Spd or Automatic? 240Z 260Z 280Z 300ZX (Past Z Cars) Car Forums Automotive Forums i have done some research on this subject and talked to quite a few people. in the 300zx an automatic and a manual are just as fast as the other. automatic transmission does hold boost because there is no release of the gas pedal.

manual is Sep 29, 2006 Finally test drove a Z tonight. Went to Courtesy Nissan. They didnt have much to select in the used side, so I had to drive an auto.

It was an 04 Mar 11, 2009 Manual vs. Auto performance. Does anyone know the performance differences between the manual and auto? Is the acceleration the same? If this has been answered, sorry I never saw it but I looked diligently. Feb 23, 2010 Hp difference between auto& manual? ? ? ? Post by sabindvd Wed Feb 17, 2010 3: 32 pm I read that the auto z tt has a little less hp than the manual z tt now will a tranny sway fix it or chipped ecu co the job?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 350z Manual Vs Automatic Toyota gt 86 vs nissan 350z twinrev, read our review of toyota gt 86 and nissan 350z we prefer the nissan 350z find out why. 2007 nissan 350z reviews and rating motor Manual or automatic? posted in 370Z General Discussion: Just wondering what your thoughts are as I'm looking for a 370 (and I hope to get one by the middle of this year). I'm thinking 'Manual' as that's all I've driven and there is less to go wrong, but 'automatic' would be nice aswell especially when changing gear by paddle.

Which ever I get I will still thoroughly enjoy driving it. Feb 07, 2015  So which is the easiest to live with and which is more desirable? (Most driving will be in and around town). Also, from a has the owner before me screwed it all the time view, is getting an auto less likely to have problems than a manual.

hope you May 14, 2010 Nissan 350z in automatic or manual transmission? I'm a new driver on the road. I have the option of a 350z in automatic or in manual Obviously, for new drivers automatic is a lot more convenient, but then again, i've had Auto 350z vs manual Aug Auto 350z vs manual, 2014 im hunting for a 350z and seen some really nice automatic versions, i just wondered if anyone can give me some feedback on auto version? i know it will be a tiny bit slower in corners as you wont be able to pop it to the right gear but is it that much of a difference?

in a sraight line i supposed Apr 12, 2004 Is there much diffrence between the auto and the manual performance with the 300zx TT. Whats the 060 times with auto and manual? do they both do Auto vs Manual Nissan Forum Aug 03, 2009 is the auto 370z actually faster than the manual. after reading through these forums i am under the impression of that. auto vs. manual 370z Nissan 370Z Forum auto vs. manual 370z Hi. I just sold my car (IS300) and I'm looking to get an 03' 350Z.

I know the later model years are better, but they're out of my budget. I was wondering, is it cheaper to maintain an automatic or a manual? Jan 14, 2008 350z Automatic or Stick?

Im getting a z in about 3 months, which should i get? I dont know how to drive a stick and i dont have any way to learn. Plus i dont want to learn on a new car. Im buying in used and most ppl that get it in manual drive the hell out of it so they mess up the tranny. 2007 Nissan 350z (automatic) or 2007 Like the G35, the 350Z was also available with both a manual or automatic transmission. More 350Z information is available on Wikipedia.

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