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Fujifilm X100S Hints& Tips. If you want to know more see P69 in the manual. Apple iPhone 5 (4. 13mm, f2. 4, 124 sec, ISO64) If you want to know more see P43 in the manual. AF Focus Point Size. If you press the AF button you can change the position of the focus point on the screen, however whilst that mode is activated if you nudge the Apr 18, 2013  Fuji X100s Focus Review and Tips This video looks at the various focusing modes and shares tips on how to maximize the various focus aids and ergonomics of Watch video  Fujifilm X100S Manual Focusing Aids Another significant criticism levelled at the Fujifilm X100 was that it didnt have the most friendly manual focus system.

Dec 27, 2014  Two years later the Japanese camera company came out with the Fujifilm X100S with improved autofocus and a second and paired it with an iPhone 6. Fujifilm X100S Review: Experience. The Fujifilm X100S is a beautiful camera with great feel, a cool hybrid viewfinder and simple, wellplaced manual control dials.

Apr 14, 2014 Am I the only one who is seeing a focus lock problem with the Fujifilm X series cameras in AFS auto fucus mode (at least with the XE2 and the XT1)? I am NOT talking about the issue of needing to put the AF Mode switch in the front of the camera to M for the AFL button to be functional that everyone is aware of.

Fuji cameras manual focus mode. Neil, for this explanation. I recently purchased the X100S and I will be shooting in manual focus mode for the first time today. I have a beautiful bouquet of wilted white roses.

This is going to be a real learning experience. Good afternoon. I have a fujifilm x100f and it has only given me joys in Best iPhone Apps; Best MP3 Players The Good The Fujifilm X100S produces excellent But that small change plus the aforementioned tweaks to the manual focus have significantly improved the Fuji X100s Manual Focus and Auto Focus Demo and Explanation Video (keep scrolling for video) The new Fuji X100s has been announced and today I was able to APSC 16M XTrans CMOS II sensor with OLPFless architecture Fujinon 23mm F2 fixed focal length lens for quality without compromise Newly developed Hybrid Viewfinder Digital Split Image Manual Focus System Full HD movies Focus peaking and 'Digital Split Image' MF guides make manual focus easy.

Reviewing the Fujifilm X100S was a great lesson for me in what I should and shouldn't try to take on. At first it seemed entirely feasible it's not like I haven't reviewed a camera before, and I Mar 12, 2017 This is my philosophy about shooting street photography with the Fujifilm X100 and using the iPhone for editing.

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