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FMS has most of the iconic 1400mm warbirds like the various versions of the P 51, Bf 109, Fw 190, Zero, Cosair, Stuka, Hellcat etc. Where is the 1400mm Spitfire? FMS 1400mm (55. 1" ) T28D V4 Trojan Yellow PNP Sort by Featured Lowest Price Highest Price Name AZ Name ZA Discount FMS Spitfire Warbird and Military RC Plane 1400mm PNP. The Spitfire was in World War II fighter aircraft.

It features meticulous scale finishing and best of all requires minimal effort as its simple Assembly will have you Product Description FMS 9g Servo This servo is used in many FMS planes 1400mm Sky Trainer for ailerons, elevator, and rudder 1400mm P51 rudder and left inner fairing door 1400mm F4U Corsair V3 right front landing gear door 1400mm P40, P47, and FMS Parts.

FMS 1200mm SuperEZ Parts; FMS 1400m Kingfisher PARTS; FMS 800mm easy trainer Vtail parts; FMS 800MM SPITFIRE V2 ANTENNA Parts; FMS 800mm mini warbird parts; FMS 800MM P51 V2 PETIE 2nd parts; FMS 800MM T28 warbird V2 red parts; FMS 800mm P51 v2 Ferocious Frankie (FF) Parts FMS 1400MM P51D (V8) ShangriLa Parts; FMS THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE PNP VERSION.

SORRY WE ONLY HAVE" FOAM PREP" OR CRASHPROOFING INSTALLED VERSIONS LEFT. The FMS Spitfire just add the FMS Me109 and you've got the Battle of Britain LARGE size.

Just get several hundred pals with their Spits and 109s to get up there with you in a real furball! Aug 03, 2010 We hope you enjoy this detailed flight of the new 2010 FMS Spitfire Supermarine 1400mm Electric Warbird available from Xtreme Hobby. For further information Mar 24, 2010 Page 2Discussion FMS Giant P47 EPO 1400mm Warbird Electric Warbirds Aug 25, 2012 The Spitfire now handles nicely both on the ground and in the air. Still sensitive to getting into a spin, so gentle on the controls and wide curves is the name of the game.

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