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MuTron MicroTron Octave Divider Analog Effects Pedal Phasor Phaser Optical Envelope Follower Filter Auto Was Musitronics MuFX MuFX MuTron BiPhase BiPhase BiPhasor BiPhasor Flanger Delay Reverb Overdrive Compressor Jerry Garcia Stevie Wonder Bootsy Collins Grateful Dead Shakedown Street Fire On The Mountain We will be at the LA (California) GuitarPedalExpo on March 30, 2014. Our feature item, the MuFX TruTron 3X will be there in quantity for those who wish to try and maybe buy.

Mutron Octave Divider Manual Guitar Auto Wah Filter TruTron 3X Envelope Filter Buy Now From Mutron 3 Inventor Mutron Auto Wah The TruTron 3X is the closest youll find to the original MuTron, because at its heartit is. Related Products Suhr Jack Rabbit Analog Tremolo 200. 00 Add To Cart The optical filter control circuitry and control set of the MuTron III is at the foundation of the TruTron 3X. And though the TruTron eschews the elegant and colorful look of the original in favor of a more contemporary, industrial appearance, the controls (if not the layout) will be familiar to anyone whos used an original.

TruTron 3X Envelope Controlled Filter Limited Collector's Edition (handsigned by MuTron III inventor Mike Beigel) 379. 97. The TruTron 3X is the modern allanalog refinement of the classic MuTron III envelope controlled filter. Offered for sale is a beautiful MuFx TruTron 3X. It includes the power supply& user manual. This is one of the earlier units (serial# 146) signed by The TruTron 3X is the closest youll find to the original MuTron, because at its heart, IT IS.

The TruTron 3X is bar none the best envelope filter pedal for guitar. Actually, the TruTron 3X is the best envelope filter for bass, keyboards, sax or any instrument that can be plugged in! TruTron 3X solves it all. It has far better control and is less finicky as compared to the QTron, it can sound just like the MuTron III and on top of that, it does a lot more. Sounds great on everything, sounds great with dirt in front.

The MuTron III is an envelope filter made by Musitronics Corporation. " The world's first envelopecontrolled filter" was first made in 1972 by Mike Beigel and quickly became an essential effect for many funk musicians. TruTron 3X. The TruTon can work" exactly like the original"but has added functionality and range, and is" smaller and The original MuTron IIIs peak maximum was at about 8 on the dial, the TruTron 3X peak is much stronger, from about 9 to 11 on the dial.

If trying to match the setting of the original MuTron III, set the TruTron 3X proportionately lower Jan 07, 2014  New MuTron Tru Tron 3x Discussion in 'Effects [BG First off its SUPER funky! I was able to dial in all types of GREAT tones and easily. Since there isnt a complete user manual written yet, I had to just go with the flow and experiment.

the reissue should sound similar to the original on bass too Thanks to TBer Timothy for Aug 16, 2018 How does the Microtron III compare to the TruTron 3x in tone and sensitivity of the filter?

The TruTron 3X is the closest youll find to the original MuTron, because at its heartit is. Beigel Sound LabMuFX TruTron 3X ReviewCharles SaufleyPremier GuitarAugust 03, 2014 Stompbox history is populated by crackpots and geniuses.

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