Opening xbox 360 tray manually sync

Jul 29, 2010 just a real quick video about how to get the disk tray to open if you have a later arcade xbox model or just any of the ones before the slim version. The Xbox 360 is the second game console produced by Microsoft Corporation and is the successor to the original Xbox.

Jan 17, 2009 I have that problem with my console sometimes. The disc tray has probably been knocked slightly (while in the open position) at some point. It'll be out of sync with the small rollers inside. Jan 27, 2015 In this video i show you guys 4 different ways to open your Xbox 360's disc tray if it is jammed and will not open on its own, like it should.

I know this video is a bit outdated with next gen consoles out, but this might also mean that people have had their Xbox 360s for longer and their disc trays are only now beginning to jam.

Xbox 360 E. Turn off the console and disconnect any cables running to it. Move the console to a horizontal position and search the vents on the left side of the console for a yellow sticker. Straighten out a long paper clip and insert it into the hole, about an inch and a half.

This should cause the tray to open a small amount. Used to open the plastic outer casing of the Xbox 360. Includes Security T8 and Security T10 combination key. Xbox 360 Opening Tool. Part# IF. Professionals and DIYers alike trust iFixit tools to get the job done. Manually eject your Xbox 360 console disc tray Overview This page describes how to manually eject the disc tray from your Xbox 360 console when the Sep 21, 2014  So you went to play Xbox one day and it wouldn't open the disc tray.

You punished it with a fist. It opened. So you went to play Xbox again, a month later, and by this time if your box were an animal PETA would have you sued and publicly humiliated before clapping you in irons and sending you to prison, you cruel animal The manual eject button is a small pinhole located either on the front panel under the tray or to the left of the eject button.

Unplug the Xbox from its power source before continuing. Straighten a small paper clip. Jun 18, 2016 You can't.

You have to wait until the Xbox is opened, and then either close the Xbox immediately or change the game and then close the Xbox. Repairing Xbox 360 Stuck Optical Drive: Repairing a DVD tray in an Xbox 360 that is sticking or will not open.

Nov 15, 2001 Not 100 clear on the question, but I recently started using my original Xbox again. The tray would not open. I was not willing to buy a new one or even take it in for repairs, being such an old system. So, knowing the risk, I used a butter knife to gently pry on the upper part of the tray. GENTLY.

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