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Another is, the key remapping can be set to only apply in emacs; the caps lock key will behave normaly in every other program. (If thats what you want. ) To remap the Caps Lock key to Ctrl save the following to a file named script.

ahk. Rebinding the CAPS LOCK key. If you ever plan on making Emacs your home away from home, your first step is to rebind your CAPS LOCK key. So if youre stuck without a manual try opening the file (in Emacs of course! ) It's worthwhile reading Emacs manual section Basic Editing Commands.

Here are a few useful keybindings: Mc to capitalize word; Ml to downcase word; Mu to upcase word; Rebind Caps Lock to Control. The control key (Cin Emacs) is difficult to reach on many keyboards. Working with Regions. which is run after remapping caps lock to ControlL via xmodmap (just xmodmap pke to create your xmodmap file, xev to figure out which keycode your caps is, and edit the file after to make that keycode ControlL.

Caps Key. This page is about the keyboard key typically labeled CapsLock. It covers different ways to use the key, including changing its behavior. No Caps Lock remove Lock CapsLock keysym CapsLock Undo Redo. Emacs binds the UndoRedo keys automatically. Im curious, why is the Caps Lock key useless? the XEmacs 22. 12 Changing Key Bindings. The way to rebind a key is to change its entry in a keymap. If you change a binding in the global keymap, the change is effective in all buffers (though it has no direct effect in buffers that I've rebound my caps lock key to be an additional ctrl key, but in emacs using the rebound key generates the CS key combination.

Pressing capsp generates the sequence CSp, whereas using the the ctrl key to do the same generates Cp. Please for the love of god rebind to. Save yourself from Emacs pinky. Save yourself from Emacs pinky. Edit: On Emacs 24. 3 Cj and Cm 's purposes are switched from 24. 45 Arch.

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