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View our Documentation Center document now and explore other helpful examples for using IDL, ENVI and other products. IDL Tutorial: Models and Fitting. We will be using Craig Markwardt's MPFIT fitting tools If not, you should download a copy to your working directory, or to your personal IDL library.

To give you a feel for how to use mpfit, we're going to fit a simple, nonlinear model to noisy data, in this case, a Flexible Curve Fitting in IDL. QUESTION: Joseph Stuart from MIT asked this question in a recent IDL newsgroup article: I'm using curvefit to fit a function with a bunch of parameters to a dataset. I'd like to be able to easily specify that some parameters should Tutorial: 1D Curve Fitting Mpfit idl help manual IDL using MPFITFUN and MPFITEXPR: I have found curvefitting in IDL to be somewhat of a frustrating process.

There are a number of hoops you have to jump through that just make data analysis a pain. All of the MPFIT functions understand a special keyword called PARINFO which allows you to do this.

Can someone help me identify the correct syntax for the function block? I tried using svdfit but it cannot be used for a function like this, with A[1 in the exponential. Thanks! MPFIT Robust nonlinear least squares curve fitting These IDL routines provide a robust and relatively fast way to perform leastsquares curve and surface fitting. The algorithms are translated from MINPACK1, which is a rugged minimization routine found on Netlib, and distributed with permission.

p mpfit(mygaussian, guessp, functargsfa) mpt doesnt care about your data except in how it deviates from the model, so everything datarelated is Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting in IDL with MPFIT MPFIT is a port to IDL of the nonlinear least squares tting program MINPACK1. MPFIT inherits the robustness of the original FORTRAN version of MINPACK1, but is optimized for performance and convenience in IDL. In addition to the main tting engine, MPFIT, several specialized functions

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