Cressida mx83 manual conversion of time

JZX81 MX83 Cressida Chaser Mark II Cresta has 5, 999 members. this group it for all JZX81 MX83 car enthusiast. share or post your ride. share other cool May 07, 2017  a lot of cool toyota stuff, we manual swap karens is300 sport cross, do a car check on Ian's 7m x8, and do more angle Nov 04, 2016  A lot of you were asking how I swapped my transmission so I decided to make a short video on what you would need to manual swap your MX83!

Manual Swapped MX83 Cressida! Conversion Very time consuming as you need to pull the whole loom from the halfcut, pull the whole loom from the MX83 (which also means stripping most of the dash) and then replanting the JZX harness into the Cressida. Mar 24, 2014  PURPOSE: I've done a ton of searching and found the info I need for my X73's W58 autotomanual conversion, so I am Jul 20, 2007  MX Cressida 12JZ Swap Guidein the works.

posted in Cressida Mark II Chaser Cresta Verossa IS Altezza: A few months ago, I learned about the cressidas potential. Ive known about the car for many years, but never really thought about what it could become. So I am gonna start picking up my first Cressida Shell, Apr 04, 2012 Re: mx83 cressida 7mge manual conversion! ! The clutch pedal is a pain in the arse to get right but its not difficult, when I did mine I used a combination of JZA70AE92 and just hacked and bent away till it worked.

1j into a mx83 cressida conversion posted in General Discussion: Hi all. Has anyone done the above conversion? If so, how much did it cost? I have a 92 Cressida Grande that would be a great sleeper, I'm just wondering if the conversion is worth it cost wise. Cheers for any replies. Luke My 1988 MX73 Cressida; MX83 AC Magnet Clutch Relay 0 Volts; 86 Toy wont start; 86 cressida automatic to w58 swap question. It's time to say goodbye; Transmission problems; 85 MX73 Crank but No Start questions; Cressida MX83 7MGE ignition coil; Manual Conversion?

Front lip alternatives for mx73 cressida (86) If you need Toyota Cressida performance parts for a tuner car project, visit Enjuku Racing, and see our wide selection of Cressida performance parts. Sep 02, 2009 Cressida mx83 manual conversion of time my recent purchase was a mx83 cressida.

Honestly the amount of labour and involved makes a NA 2J conversion a waste of time. Spend the coin on the 7M. Done right they are a great motor. Only shit from factory. 2jzge or 1jzgte into mx83 Originally Posted by ae71. Find great deals on eBay for cressida mx83. Shop with confidence. Jul 13, 2013  Manual conversion help please! by R2D2 on Wed Jul 10, 2013 8: 22 pm Hey guys, wondering if I could get some help I got my mx83 less than a month ago and have purchased a 1986 mk3 supra donor car and was planning to swap the w58 over, HOWEVER since tc.

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