Xem gia may nokia e66 manual

Gi Mobile Nokia E65 Pink Nokia ESeries Kiu dng: Kiu trt Trng lng: Nokia E66 White (Nokia Dora) S 53 Nguyn Vn Linh, Qun Hi Chu, TP Nng H Ch Minh: ng L Gia, Phng 15, Qun 11, H Ch Minh. Ti khon. Gi hng.

Kim tra n. Chm sc khch hng Nguyn hp" E66" bao gm: 1 my, 1 pin, 1 sc nhanh, 1 tai nghe, th nh 2 GB, 1 bao da, dy eo, Cable, CD, PBH, sch hng dn 15 ngy i tr, xem thm Gia tien.

Tr li 2 nm trc. Anh Thch ThoQun tr vin. E co may e66 nhunh e mun thay vo cho e hoi con vo cua e66 hok ak. Tr li 2 nm trc. A. Trnh Hong AnQun tr vin. Cho Tun Xem tt c ph kin Nokia E66. Tnh Trng My Nokia E66 Hnh Thc V Zin Sn Li p 99 B Nh Trong: 112 M Main Zin p. Cam Kt Zin Khng Sa ( Bao Test ) Ph Kin i Km Gm: My, Pin zin, Sc zin Pin Xi Trn 2 Ngy.

? Xem thm. NOKIA. View and Download Nokia E66 user manual online. E Series. The use of a battery that is not approved by Nokia may be dangerous and may result in poor performance and damage to your device and its accessories. It may also invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the device. Bn in thoi c gi r Nokia E75, My cn kh mi, mn hnh khng b xc. Mi tnh nng u dng bnh Xem gia may nokia e66 manual, nghe gi tt, 3G wifi gps radio FM hot ng tt, khng li lm.

My nguyn bn, cha sa cha, bao tho my xem main thoi mi. VIDEO M T CHIC NOKIA E66 NP TRT Y PHONG CCH. Thit k thi trang, mng, Nokia e66 sn phm np trt (slider up) c trau chuc hn v ngoi so vi Nokia e65 th h trc.

c hng in thoi nokia gii thiu ln u vo thng ti Singapore. in thoi c Nokia E66 phc v cho th trng doanh nghip vi nhng ng dng m doanh nhn cn. Vi nhng c im ni bt nh: kiu dng siu mng, np trt em li v sang trng cho ngi dng, c cc ng dng Internet gip ngi s dng thun tin trong cng vic. Nokia E66 User Guide Issue 5. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Insofar as this user guide contains any limitations on Nokia's representations, warranties, damages and liabilities, such limi tations shall likewise limit any representations, warranties, da mages and liabilities of Nokia's licensors.

Your device may cause TV or radio interferen in thoi Nokia E66 np trt chnh hng tn kho, Nokia E66 h tr mnh tnh nng vn phng, bo mt v GPS. I. Bng gi giao hng ti TPHCM p dng cho n hng di 4kg Thi gian giao t 1 Page 1. Nokia E66 User Guide Issue 1. 1 Cyan Cyan Magenta Magenta Yellow Yellow Black Black Page 2. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited.

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