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BGA glider data sheet ASW 15B (See separate sheet for ASW 15A) Data source: Flight& Operational Manual Date of issue: 1972 Manufacturer: Schleicher Phone: 0049 6658 890 Fax: 0049 6658 8940 ASW 15 Technische Mitteilungen. Home Hier finden Sie alle Technischen Mitteilungen, Correction of the Operation Manual. all ASW 15 as of SN until all AW 15 B as of SN until as of SN serial standard. A review about Schleicher ASW 15B to help people decide what glider to buy. ASW15B. Po prav pravidel pro standardn tdu se zaal vyrbt vylepen model se zvtenou kabinou, SOP, zeslenm kdlem, zatahovacm podvozkem a vodn pt.

Vroba tto verze navazovala na vrobu zkladn ASW15 ponaje vrobnm slem a v letech dala prokazateln 270 kus. Can anyone provide a. pdf copy of the Flight manual for the ASW15 in English? The ASW15, designed in 1968 by Gerhard Waibel and built in series by Schleicher, is a glass composite sailplane, with shouldermounted wings and allflying tailplane. The placement of its single towrelease is a compromise between the ideal placement for winching and aerotowing.

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As I understand it, only the ASW15B had the retract, I have a mullermihm 15B at something like 1: 3. 5 scale, its very nice. Welcome to The UnOfficial Schleichers ASW 15 (B) Glider Information Portal. This site is created to share information which can help owners and pilots preserve and safely fly the ASW15 or ASW15B glider. By Richard H. Johnson, Published in Soaring Magazine, May 1978 The Schleicher ASW 20 is the 15meter flapped sister ship to the unflapped 15meter ASW 19 that was reported in Reference A.

This is Schleichers 20th design and designer Gerhard Waibels longheralded en Hi, I'm currently looking at a ASW15B as a first glider and wondering will ASW 19 tail wheel I am looking for a manual for a Rico Variometer Model VAS 3215 Need to know The ASW 15 was the last model produced during Alexander Schleichers lifetime.

Six days after its first flight on 26 April 1968, the founder and kingpin of the Alexander Schleicher factory passed away.

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