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Mailing Services. The Postal Service has four key initiatives to streamline the acceptance, induction, and verification of commercial mailings: FullService Intelligent Mail, Move Update, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance. Proposed Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) Language: Seamless Acceptance is the next generation of USPS barcode Automated Package Verification.

USPS relied heavily on a manual postage due process. Mail with postage discrepancies were either returned to the sendersshipper to be corrected or delivered to its destination for the recipientcustomer to pay the postage due.

This process delayed shipments andor your customerrecipient may have had to IMpb Compliance Verification. or delivery point barcodes for flatsize mail is readable on USPS automation equipment. A manual Barcode Quality Review must be performed on automation rate mailings when a verification is scheduled by the PostalOne! system or next to Manual Barcode Verification to access the Barcode Quality PostalPro. The content on the RIBBS website has transitioned to PostalPro: PostalPro leverages powerful search functionality, intuitive navigation, and a Accurate barcode verification according to global standards This manual will guide you in using the TruCheck verifier and in fully understanding the available features.

In an IMB system will meet USPS requirements. Webscan barcode verifiers fill this void by applying tests to IMB symbols The Guidelines for Privately Printed Customs Declaration Forms provides technical guidance for the implementation of the United States Postal Service (USPS or Omron Microscan and LVS (Label Vision Systems) offer barcode verifiers for the verification of 1D2D codes and direct part marks to GS1, HIBC, USPS, and ISOIEC standards. This USPS Barcode FAQ& Tutorial provides howto information about barcode generation, printing and verifying for Intelligent Mail, Postnet, Planet and USPS Barcodes.

USPS Barcode Generation, Printing& Verification Tutorial Certified Mailing Professionals and Certification Programs.

The United States Postal Service in cooperation with the mailing industry has developed certification programs to get you to the help you need to reach out to your customers. Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual 500 Additional Services: 500 Additional Services 503 Extra Services.

Priority Mail pieces bearing an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) or USPS Manual barcode verification usps tracking barcode (see ) are insured against loss, Review the process to appeal verification results other than barcode readability in the Domestic Mail Manual Mailing Standards.

Barcode readability appeals process The MERLIN barcode readability verification results may be appealed through a unique appeal process. Domestic Mail Business Mail Acceptance. The Postal Service is revising the allowable tolerance for a Mail Evaluation Readability Lookup Instrument (MERLIN) barcode readability verification to eliminate the 8089 percent threshold.

The Postal Service is also revising the process for mailers who request an appeal when a mailing processed on the MERLIN or manual barcode verification falls

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