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Manual Disc Filters Manual Disk filters, Arkal Amiad Lowest Prices Disk Filters Around the GLOBE! Order here: Disc Filters, irrigation water by arkal amiad. filters are edv\ wr lqvwdoo xvh dqg vhuylfh dqg grqw uhtxluh vshfldo vnloov wr rshudwh wkhp For operation and maintenance of the filter please follow the instructions in this manual ARKAL Automatic Filters M E Series Models: M104XLP, M106XLP, M108LP, M110P Arkal Electronic Controller Manual cleaning of filter element using acid or other chemical agents should be performed in accordance with the relevant Find great deals on eBay for arkal filter.

Shop with confidence. Contact an Application Specialist at Pelmar Engineering for more information regarding 2" & 3" Manual Disc Filters from Arkal. Disc Filters Technology 3 a. Automatic Filters Compact 5" Compact All plastic 7 Opal 9" Poly Battery 11 Crystal 13 3" Poly Battery 15 Galaxy 17 Galaxy Polymer 19 b. Manual Filters 34" filter 1 34" filtap 3 1" short 5 1" super 7 11" short 9 11" super 31" dual 33 Arkal's filtration systems use a specially designed disc filtration Arkal Filters Catalogue Disc Filters Technology 3 a.

Automatic Filters Compact 5" Compact All plastic 9 Opal 11" Poly Battery 17 Crystal 19 3" Poly Battery 3 Galaxy 5 Galaxy Polymer 9 b. Manual Filters 34" filter 31 34" filtap 33 1" short 35 1" super 37 11" short 39 11" super 41" dual 43" super 45" leader 47 Arkal Product Guide. 19 vative filter design captures and retainsInno. ge amounts of solidslar ation is easy and requires no special toolsOper cellent corrosion resistanceEx e spanLong lif olyamide housing resistant to harshP Manual Disc Filters: Arkal's main product lines include unique patented automatic Spin Klin filtration technology, manual disc filters and systems, automatic and semiautomatic screen filters, media filters and integrated watertreatment solutions.

Leading product applications include filtration and water treatment, microirrigation and membrane Amiad Water Systems Automatic Filters Amiad, Arkal& Filtomat.

Amiad's unparalleled range of filtration solutions, including Arkal and Filtomat filters, is designed to meet the demanding and diverse requirements of the industrial and municipal sector.

Focused on the worldwide need for clean water, Amiad specializes in developing and marketing water filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, and agricultural use. Our automatic selfcleaning filters and manual filters have built a worldwide reputation for efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability. Arkal Product Guide. 1 2 Standard Features: Micronprecise filtration of solids Innovative depth filter design traps and retains large amounts of solids Longterm operation with minimal maintenance or cleaning Table of Filtration Grades of Find great deals on eBay for arkal disc filter.

Shop with confidence. D25 Disc Filters Manual Operated 34 Disc Screen Hydrocyclone Media Filtration Grade Water Quality m3h gpm z Good 4 17. 6 Average 3 13. 5 Arkal Manual Disc Filters 10 bar. Manual Disc Filters are engineered for efficient operation year after year with minimum maintenance.

Colourcoded discs are grooved on both sides to a specific micron size.

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