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Is your turtle vomiting? Does your turtle has parasites? Is your turtle loosing weight? Is your turtle overweight? Your turtle shell is getting colored red? All this and more answers inside this guide. You need to check out Red Eared Slider Secrets. It contains all the facts that every red eared slider turtle owner should know.

Whatever you do, do not release a pet redeared slider turtle back into the wild. In fact, dont buy a pet turtle unless you have a plan for what to do with it when you no longer want it. Whit Gibbons is an ecologist and environmental educator with the University If a turtle resides in an unsanitary setting and gets scraped by another specimen, that could be all it takes to allow bacteria to make its way in. If a turtle has serious shell rot, you might notice conspicuous sores or holes in his shell, or soft spots with foulsmelling discharge.

Does the turtle have access to clean, pure, filtered water to swim, lay in and drink? If your pet turtle does not have access to any food, but it has access to clean, pure, filtered water, it can easily go several weeks without food. This forum is for EMERGENCY advice only where the illness or injury to the turtle is an emergency. All other carerelated questions need to be posted in the appropriate care forums.

The red eared slider is one of, if not THE most popular pet turtle in the world. And although they are relatively easy to care for when young, there are certainly a few hard and fast rules you should abide by. Aug 04, 2018 Four Parts: Deciding if a RedEared Slider Turtle is for You Setting Up Housing for Your Turtle Obtaining Your Turtle Caring for Your Turtle Daily Community Q& A If you're looking to get a pet turtle, consider a redeared slider turtle.

Although there are many different wild species of water turtles living in the United States, the most popular in the pet trade, according to the San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society, is the redeared slider, or trachemys scripta elegans, a subspecies of the common pond slider.

There is no need of siphoning the filter manually as it has a self start system which can be started instantly using the priming mechanism. Water regulation is controlled by aqua stop valves. Related Posts. Turtle Tank for the Well Being of Your Turtles; Red Eared Slider Secrets Turtle Care Guide One Response to Fluval FX5 Color: The skin of a Redeared Slider is green with bright yellow stripes. A patch of red behind each eye gives the Redeared Slider its common name, although some sliders may be missing this color.

A patch of red behind each eye gives the Redeared Slider its common name, although some sliders may be missing this color.

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