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" The Bluejackets Blue jacket manual trivia, the U. S. Navys bible. It taught us how to be a sailor, talk like a sailor (not that kind of sailor talk) but working sailor talk. How to work like a sailor and understand the Chain of Command of being a sailor. Terms, Traditions and Customs The first uniform that was ever officially sanctioned for sailors in the Royal Navy was a short blue jacket open in the front.

A generic name for a Navy enlisted person. Block. The Bluejacket's Manual, Annapolis MD, Naval Institute Press, 1902 116 of 150 results for" bluejacket manual" The Bluejacket's Manual, 25th Edition (Blue& Gold Professional Series) Nov 15, 2017. by Thomas J. Cutler. Hardcover. The Blue Jackets' Manual Fourteenth Edition 1950. by United States Navy. Hardcover. 3. 25 (21 used& new offers) 4. 8 out of 5 This edition covers the naval subjects presently required of the recruit and the nonrated man and, where possible, shows the avenues for further study.

A broad understanding of naval traditions and customs and an everincreasing knowledge of the different phases of life at sea. The blue denim uniform, dungarees, is the Bluejacket's working uniform. In 1901 regulations authorized the first use of denim jumpers and trousers, and the 1913 regulations permitted the dungaree outfit to be used by both officers and enlisted with the prescribed hat of the day.

A forum to discuss Navy Recruiters, processing at MEPS, Delayed Entry Program, Enlisted Ratings, " A" Schools, Officer Candidate School, Recruit Training Command, and transferring to your first command.

The BlueJacket's Manual was issued to each of us when we arrived at our first day of boot camp. It describes what makes a Coast Guardsman such a unique individual, and why the Coast Guard motto, Semper Paratus is so appropriate. The Bluejacket's Manual: In 1945 there were over 3. 4 million wearing Navy blue!

The BJM served me well during my World War II tour as a Pharmacist's Mate. My father signed one of them for him and I kept the other to quiz my son with. Read more. Published 2 months ago. GRiddle. 5. 0 Do you think you know your hockey trivia? Any real ice hockey fan knows that the Blue Jackets have had plenty of big names wearing their jerseys.

Did you know that some of the Blue Jacket stars have included Jack Johnson, Marian Gaborik, Sergei Bobrovsky, David Vyborny, Ray Whitney, Bryan Berard This is the Tenth Edition of The Bluejackets' all vhs tapes, cds and dvds hav. this is an original united states navy manual. Simply gorgeous The Bluejackets' Manual The Bluejacket's Manual has 192 ratings and 22 reviews. Matt said: The bible for Navy sailors and officers.

I read my father's version from 1952 as a you

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