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This manual describes the import and export facilities available either in R itself or via packages which are available from CRAN or elsewhere. The easiest form of data to import into R is a simple text file, and this will often be acceptable for problems of small or medium scale. SPSS and Stata. Previous: Export to text files, Up SPSS can read Stata data files. A Stata data file can be read in SPSS either via pulldown menu or via syntax using the get stata file command. Using the pulldown menus select File Open Data and then for Files of Type select the appropriate data file type; It will make it easy to import data correctly into R: The typical format for a spreadsheet is to use the first rows as the header (usually variables name).

Avoid to name a dataset with blank spaces; it can lead to interpreting as a separate variable. SPSS Tutorials: Importing Data into SPSS. This tutorial describes how to import data stored in an Excel (XLS or XLSX) or commadelimited (CSV) file into SPSS. you can import Excel files into SPSS using syntax, instead of using the dropdown menus. SAS or Stata, etc. ). If you wish to save only certain variables in your data set, click Another way to convert an SPSS to Stata data is to use the software called StatTransfer.

Or, if you have SPSS, you may save the data as a Stataformatted file. Or, if you have SPSS, you may save the data as a Stataformatted file. The userwritten Stata adofile usespss can be used to read SPSS data into Stata. Both compressed and noncompressed SPSS files can be read. The usespss command is currently only available for 32bit installations of Stata; there is a beta version for 64bit installations. For example, you can export your Stata data as a commadelimited file, then import it into SPSS.

Another way is to use R to open your Stata data and use R to export it as an SPSS file. Personally 21 Entering and importing data Contents 21.

1Overview 21. 2Determining which method to use To enter or import data into Stata, you can use the following: [D edit and[D the corresponding entry in the Reference manuals. 1. If you have a few data and simply wish to type the data directly into Stata at the keyboard, see [D Peggy Chrisman wrote: I have received several SPSS files.

I do not have SPSS nor do I have the Stata file transfer program. I tried following the suggestions from the help file using infile, insheet, etc, but have not been able to transfer the files into Stata thus far.

The memisc package for this reason provides functions that allow to import SPSS or Stata data sets into objects of the class" data. set" defined in it. The role of importer objects Importing data using the facilities provided by the memisc package consists of two steps. Introduction to STATA STATA, like SPSS is a smart data analysis tool used for data management and analysis. It is a fast and easy to use, across all operating systems such as Windows, Unix and Mac.

It is a fast and easy to use, across all operating systems such as Windows, Unix and Mac. Jan 04, 2017  Data Importing and Exporting in Stata SebastianWaiEcon. Convert SPSS Data to Stata& Recode Missing Values Importing Data Stored in a Spreadsheet into Stata

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