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6 Installation precautions Panasonic does not accept any responsibility for accident or damage during installation if procedure in this manual is not followed. HD Remote Camera System Solutions HD Integrated Camera AWHE60SH HD Integrated Camera AWHE2. Live Image Production with Panasonic HighQuality, Highly Functional HD Box Cameras for Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Use AWHE870. Please contact your Panasonic representative for more details.

Thank you for joining the B& H email list! Thank you for joining the B& H email list! Sign Up The email address you entered was an invalid email. The AWHE40 series of integrated full HD cameras performs in a wide variety of onsite shooting applications that require highquality video, such as conferences, lecture capture and other events, thanks to its highperformance zoom, wide angle of view and outstanding color reproducibility. The gateway to Panasonic AWHEA10WK Control Assist Camera. Flexible setup and two color variations to choose from.

Cameras can be set up suspended from the ceiling or standing, depending on the operating environment. The AWHE40 camera is designed to produce great results in a variety of applications that require highquality video and precise controlsuch as conference video, event capture, staging, distance learning and housesofworship. Panasonic AWHE60H Operating Instructions Manual. Related Manuals for Panasonic AWHE60H. IP Camera Panasonic AWHE60HN Operating Instructions Manual. Genlock adjustment (AWHE60S only) w Genlock adjustment Press the [ button.

The System submenu is displayed. The genlock adjustment is performed to The manual of this Remote Camera Controller (hereafter, the unit) is divided into two manuals: one is the (this manual in the CDROM), and the other is the. Connections w Connections with an HD monitor HD Integrated Camera AWHE60 HDMI signal (AWHE60H only), SDI signal (AWHE60S only) or HD analog component signal HD monitor Wireless remote controller (optional accessory) Up to four units can be operated using one remote control.

The AWHE60S provides HDSDSDI and component outputs plus genlock. The HE60S camera offers a sleek, compact design that combines outstanding image quality, smooth pantiltzoom operation, and easy integration for superb AWHS50N 3TR BAA.

2 This class A digital apparatus complies AWHS50N is referred to as AWHS50. Similarly, AWHE50HN and AWHE50SN are IN NO EVENT SHALL Panasonic System Networks Co.Ltd. BE LIABLE TO ANY PARTY OR ANY PERSON, EXCEPT FOR REPLACEMENT OR HD Integrated Camera Model No.

AWHE2P AWHE2E Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. This manual describes the operations of the unit in detail. For the assembly and basic operations of the unit, please refer to.

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