Manual fuel tank switching valve

Mar 19, 2014 I recently removed the FSV (Fuel Selector Valve) and replaced my fuel lines with Gates Barricade rubber lines, McMaster Carr ball valves and ran the Shop Bronco Graveyard for Early Bronco parts. Find a Ford Bronco Mechanical Tank Switching Valve and more online. Includes the valve and all fittings needed to replace your worn our stitching valve under the driver seat. We offer low prices, quality service and quick shipping!

Brass 3 Way Fuel Selector Valve: I chose this manual selector valve over other electric valves as it will stand the test of time. Works great for my application, all I need to do is switch the valve to change from one tank to the other.

Larry. San Bernardino California. Yes. 3Way Manual Valve. Arrow on handle positively indicates direction of outlet flow. 3Way Manual Valve. Useful as a low cost manual fuel tank switching valve on tractors, generators, etc.

where fuel valve switching for inlet from either of diesel or SVO, and return fuel diversion to a" looped return" or" return to tank" Moeller Fuel Tank ThreeWay Valve (38"Brass) Used to have to flounder around switching fuel tanks out on the water. Some fuel hose, fittings and this valve has made that chore disappear. Published 1 year ago. Iggy. 5. 0 out of 128 Manual fuel tank switching valve pollak 6 port fuel valve biodiesel w toggle switch.

1 year warranty! Intended for use with the following: Vehicles with one main and one auxiliary fuel tank. 12 Volt systems. Can be used for New Manual Fuel Tank Selector Valve for Early Broncos. This is a great replacement for your factory manual valve. The pointer is very similar t Find great deals on eBay for manual fuel tank selector valve. Shop with confidence. Dec 10, 2017 Hey. I've been hearing about some of you guys using a manual valve to switch between fuel tanks as an alternative to the FSV when it stops working.

Was Browse Fuel Selector Valves in the Pollak catalog including Light Truck 6Port Motor Driven Valve, 3 Port Motorized Valve, Toggle Switch D.

P. D. T.Reversing Rocker Switch DPDT, Motorized Valve Connector, Faceplate, 12 Toggle Boot, Toggle Boot Tanks, Inc. manufactures fuel system components and polyethylene, Saddle Tank Switchover Valve From Tanks, Inc. Replacement for lost or Broken Switch Over Valves or for building your own Fuel System; Switch from Left to Right Tanks; 3 Port Design Left Inlet Right Inlet Out to Carb Equip cars, trucks& SUVs with Fuel Tank Selector Valve from AutoZone.

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