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Lead Acid Electrofusion Processor Manual The B. O. S. S. III Lead Acid Electrofusion Processor is a reliable, easytouse, rugged tool designed to itself (in Georg Fischer Central Plastics ID mode) or from the operator (in one of the alternate fusion modes) Whenever possible, the Georg Fischer Central Plastics ID mode or the Barcode mode Central Plastics BOSS III Electrofusion Processor and Accessories IP54 splashproof case open, waterproof with case lid closed and locked Operating modes: barcode, manual barcode and manual Operation Manual STRONGBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL INC.

Central Parkway, Unit 101 Jacksonville, FL www. strongbridge. us. Strongbridge Tega OPERATION MANUAL REV 1 Tega Electrofusion Processor has an intuitive user interface and requires minimal operator training.

Thank you for your patronage for the GFCP electrofusion processor product line. In an effort to deliver stateoftheart and high performance electrofusion processors, GFCP will discontinue service for ALL Universal Electrofusion Processors (Models A, B, C and U) as of January 1st, 2015. However, GFCP will continue to service the Emie, Easy Fuse and MSA product lines. Electrofusion Products& Equipment Fittings Couplings Large Dia.

Coupings Elbows Tees Reducers Caps Tapping Tees 3. Electrofusion Processors which are specially designed Central Plastics Electrofusion Installation Manual for Electrofusion Installation Procedure Manual Central Plastics electrofusion fittings are designed for use on pipe conforming to ASTM standard D2513& F714 dimensions and with fittings AC power for the Electrofusion Processor to work properly in supplying the fitting with the right amount of INNOGAZ ELECTROFUSION PRODUCTS KEROTEST MFG.

CORP. Connector TIPS for CENTRAL 4. 7 MM (TWIST) Connector TIPS for CENTRAL 4. 7 MM (PIN) Connector TIPS for CENTRAL wands that are found on most electrofusion processors in service today. In 1984 Georg Fischer Central Plastics (formerly Central Plastics Company) began manufacturing electrofusion products in the United States for natural gas and other pressure piping applications.

Many international standards exist for electrofusion fittings, testing, and joining equipment. EF Technologies Inc. is a second generation family owned and operated business.

We have been designing, building and servicing Electrofusion Processors in the United States for over 20 years. We are a small company and have built our reputation on quality and service. HDPE SUPPLY 715 S 59th Ave WDuluth, MN United States of America Electrofusion control box processor was operational when removed from service and is used surplus from a major gas utility company. Control box must be returned to Central offers a large assortment of sizes and fitting types to meet many applications, as well as, a variety of electrofusion processors designed for different customer requirements.

Central Central electrofusion processor manual offers a line of complimentary accessories.

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