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This is a tutorial for the adventurous Lomographers, for those brave enough to do their own B& W and C41 work but lacking the confidence to move onto E6. Fear no more! I am an enthusiastic home developer, just like the rest of you, I am not a chemical lab wizard! Tutorial: Tetenal Colortec E6 3bath Kit Develop your own color slides 12 25 Jul 19, 2007 Tetenal C41 rapid kit instructions.

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by elpuri, Jul 18, 2007. elpuri. Hi, A while ago I got a Tetenal Colortec C41 rapid kit (4 small bottles and 2 bigger ones), but I've seemed to have misplaced the instruction booklet. Could someone with the booklet write here the crucial bits of information needed Handmade color processing with Tetenal Color Colortec C41 Rapid Negative Kit 19 61 Share Tweet.

After I started to develop black and white film, I really wanted to know if it was possible to do the same with color negatives, but the guys at the lab told me: color film processing is differentyou need to get the right temperatures, find the right chemistry, and the chemistry will expire Home Processing of C41 Color Negative Film.

Updated 8 Dec For chemicals, the easiest way to get started used to be the Tetenal C41 Press Kit. All the chemicals you need are included, in powder form. 3: 30 for manualtank processing, or 3: 15 if using an automatic constantagitation processing machine. This is not hightech.

The Tetenal Colortec C41 Rapid Neg kit has the words" for rotary development" on the outside of the box. My question does anybody know if the dev time should be increased from 3: 15 to 3: 30 for the Tetenal Colortec C41 Rapid Dev kit?

Jun 18, 2011 Hi all, I'm going to give C41 a try and I was thus reviewing the instructions of the Tetenal Colortec C41 Rapid Negative Kit.

In the manual, the The TETENAL COLORTEC COLORTEC C41 NEGATIV KIT RAPID wurde fr die typgerechte Entwicklung von C41 kompatiblen Colornegativfilmen in der bei 38 C45 C konzipiert. Gleichgroe Partmengen vereinfachen den Ansatz. Die Verarbeitung kann als Stan The Tetenal Colortec C41 Developing Kit is a twobath kit, which means that it has been made so there are only two steps to develop and fix the film.

Not all colour film developing is so simple. Clearly, the fewer steps there are, the less opportunity there is to make a mistake and so, make it a much simpler process to learn. The Tetenal Colortec range offers you a high level of performance, quality, safety, convenience, environmental friendliness and service. Colortec is the best available technology for color chemicals. The Tetenal C41 Negative Processing Kit consisting of colour developer, bleach fix plus stabilizer for C41 compatible processing of all colour C41 Negatives Development.

This is the main development process for color negatives and some chromogenic BW films. Amongst the numerous available chemistries, here are three possibilities: Kodak Flexicolor; Tetenal Colortec C41 Rapid; Tetenal Colortec C41 Rapid! Kit not yet tested! Best Answer: From the manual that comes with the Tetenal C41 Kit: Color Developing times: Temperature 38 deg C100 deg F 3 min and 15 sec Temperature 86 deg F 8 min 0 sec Buy Tetenal C41 Press Kit (Powder, to Make 1L) featuring Complete C41 Development Kit, To Make 1L of Working Solution Quick Mixing Formula.

Review Tetenal Colour Film Chemistry Order your C4 photographic chemistry by Tetenal and Kodak. Our range of high quality colour film negative development C41 chemistry and chemicals include additive, bleach, starter, developer, fixative, replenisher& Stabiliser products.

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