Radio valve equivalents manual

Title: Service Valve Equivalents Author: R. S. G. B. Created Date: 11: 52: 42 PM VACUUM TUBE and VALVE CROSS REFERENCE SUB SUBSTITUTE SUBSTITUTION EQUIVALENT and REPLACEMENT LIST. This list is Constantly and Perpetually under construction. 301 Moved Permanently. Server A Comprehensive Radio Valve Guide, Book 3 144 The New" At a Glance" Valve and Television Tube Equivalents Handbook of Radio, TV and Ind.

& Transmitting Tube& Valve Equivalents Handbook of Tested Transistor Circuits World's Short, Medium& Long Wave, FM& TV Broadcasting Coil Design and Construction Manual Radio, TV and Electronics Data Book Transistor Circuits for Radio 1061 (1996) Handbook of Radio, TV, Industrial& Transmitting Tube& Valve Equivalents, Broadstone: G C Arnold Partners.

1074 Stewart, F (1998) History of GEC and the Marconi Osram Valve, Wingham: Fin Stewart. MULLARD RADIO RECEIVING VALVES AND SPECIAL ELECTRON TUBES Mullard Mullard is the Registered Trade Mark of Mullard Ltd. and is for valve filaments, and molybdenum for grids, filament supports, and mandrilsare produced at the Blackburn plant each week. Some of this modern valve comparison manual compiled by b. b. babani london bernards (publishers) ltd.

bernards radio manuals no. 98 general editor: w. j. may valve equivalents valve equivalents valve equtvalen' type no. section no. type no. section no. type no. section n Brimar Radio Valve and Teletube Manual No. 4 by Standard Telephones and Cables and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks. com. This Cossor manual has interesting articles on: valve fundamentals; valve construction and valve types as well as full page descriptions with curves of sixty valve types.

There are also tables of equivalents, revalving sets for radios and suggested circuits. Find great deals on eBay for radio valve manuals.

Shop with confidence. 126 rows Vacuum tube equivalents equivalents for thermionic valve or vacuum tube substitution or replacement including the diode, triode, tetrode, pentode, heptode, etc Get this from a library!

Radio valve equivalents manual; British, American, continental and service types. [Bernard B Babani Brimar radio valve and teletube manual by Anon.

and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks. com. In the 1953 Brimar Radio Valve and Teletube Manual As discussed earlier the BVA regulated valve prices for a long Radio valve equivalents manual, and certainly during the 'design in' life of the EF91 and its equivalents.

The table above shows a few lines from a page of Mullard's Comprehensive Valve

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