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fsync Forces the mongod process to flush all pending writes from the storage layer to disk. Optionally, you can use fsync to lock the mongod instance and block write operations for the purpose of capturing backups. 498 Now open, write, close, open again and fsync This simulates processes Nov 02, 2005  For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

fflush and fsync? Hello. I want to ask a question on C programming on Linux. There are 2 functions: fflush and fsync, both said that they are putting the fsync OS161 Reference Manual Name fsync flush filesystem data for a specific file to disk Library Standard C Library (libc, lc) Synopsis# include int fsync(int fd); Description The fsync function forces a write of dirty filesystem buffers and other dirty filesystem state associated with the object referred to by fd to be written to disk.

Unfortunately, fsync() will always initiate two write operations: one for the newly written data and another one in order to update the modification time stored in the inode. If the modification time is not a part of the transaction concept fdatasync () can be used to avoid unnecessary inode disk write operations. Si53xxRM Rev. 1. 3 5 6. 8. Frame Synchronization Realignment (Si5368 and CKCONFIGREG 1). . 79. Hitless Switching with Phase BuildOut HP C RunTime Library Reference Manual for OpenVMS Systems.

Previous: Contents: Index: fsync. Flushes data all the way to the disk. Format# include Description The fsync function behaves much like the fflush function. The primary difference between the two is that fsync flushes data all the way to the disk while SYNC(2) Linux Programmer's Manual SYNC(2) NAME top sync, syncfs commit filesystem caches to disk provide the same guarantees as fsync called on every file in the system or filesystem respectively.

BUGS top Before version Linux did not wait for IO to complete before returning. SEE ALSO

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