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The Microcoin QL coin validator is a high speed acceptor which can accurately validate multiple coins at speeds up to 10 coins per second. For this reason, it is highly regarded in the Gaming industry as a replacement for the coin comparitor and is the small coin default acceptor for IGT. Jun 16, 2014 Setting coin values, sampling tokens, enabling and disabling coins are all covered in this video on programming MicroCoin Ql Coin Acceptors.

drop 10 different samples through the acceptor. 4) When the 10th coin has been sampled the Indicator light is a solid yellow Indicator Light Button LED Display Indicator Light can show Green, Yellow, and Red 5) Press Button once.

LED will read" 0"this is the value Microcoin QL Quantum Leap. Created Date: Place Microcoin QL into the bracket and secure with lockable brace. 4. The two holes on the lockable brace are designed to fit over the screw heads different coins through the acceptor. (The coins will drop through the coin reject slot.

) 4. When the 10 th coin has been sampled the Indicator Light will turn solid yellow. 5. Press the Push The Microcoin QL automatically senses the coin and enables or disables it accordingly.

2. Programming Coins You may program a single coin or up to 5 coins using Quick Learns coin programming features. If your validator does not have an LED display populated, then you can only Microcoin Micromate User Manual Page 5 Version 1. 0 April 2001 2.

0 To Check the Configuration of a Validator Pressing 1 at the Main Menu will bring up the View Settings Menu and allow you to check the configuration information in the QL validator. 1COIN Laurel Metal Microcoin QL User Manual Microcoin ql, Quantum leap. Text mode; Original mode 1; Advertising. Installation Instructions. Test the coin acceptor. When complete note the.

token and value on the side of the Microcoin QL. Programming Instruction. Do not program in nickels, dimes, quarters. Oct 14, 2009 How to program a Microcoin acceptor (VAC052) to accept tokens. MicroCoin QL Coin Acceptor Programming Instructions MTK65xx USB VCOM Drivers Manual Installation On Windows PC

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