Spirent sr5500 wireless channel emulator manual

Spirent ireless hannel mulator VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator The VR5 HD replicates the realworld fading, noise and complete spatial channel conditions of even the most complex wireless channels, making it possible to isolate performance issues early in The SR5500 provides extremely realistic yet repeatable emulation of RF channel conditions for testing modern wireless receivers.

The emulator replicates realworld fading, spatial channel conditions, MIMO and SISO channels, Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) and much more, making it possible to isolate performance issues early in the The Spirent SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator accurately emulates complex wideband wireless channel characteristics such as timevarying multipath delay spread, fading, and channel loss.

An SR5500 configured with an external LO, as described in section 2 A signal generator capable of generating a 10dBm sinusoid at 200 MHz. an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer.

As the world's highest performing L47 testing solution, CyberFlood emulates realistic application traffic while validating your security coverage from enterprise to carriergrade network capacity. spirent Wireless Channel emulator SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator APPLICATIONS Research and Development Design Verification Conformance Testing design verification cycle.

The SR5500 is the most flexible Performance Testing (Virtual Drive Testing) Product Evaluation Base Station, NodeB and Terminal Device Testing Diversity, MIMO and Beamforming Spirent TestCenters pat ented timestamp architecture is designed to provide results that you can rely onall of Spirent sr5500 wireless channel emulator manual time.

Whether using the 12slot rackmountable or 2slot portable The SR5500 is the most flexible channel emulator ever offered.

It can be tailored to fit todays requirements and budgetary business cases, yet its future proofed modular architecture ensures that it will be ready to meet your needs in years to come. Spirent SR5500M Wireless Channel Emulator with CCO, MIMO, Dynamic Emulation Good to Fair overall condition with scuffs, scratches, blemishes or other cosmetic Instruction manual symbol.

The product is marked with this symbol when it is necessary for you to refer to the instruction manual to protect against damage to the instrument. SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator SR5500 Based MIMO System Setup Guide Safety Summary If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired. Manual zz. Categories.

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