Manual chain hoist specification

Owners Manual MANUAL CHAIN HOIST CF SERIES MODEL CF4 12 Ton through 5 Ton Capacity Code, Lot and Serial Number EFFECTIVE: January 23, 2009 Form MHD PARTS, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL for MANUAL CHAIN HOIST MODELS VL2005 VL2010 VL2015 VL2020 VL2030 SPECIFICATIONS General The VL2 Manual Chain Hoist can be mounted to the suspension shaft of a trolley or a permanent mounting structure.

The hoist is Manual Chain Hoist Models 1VW51B 1VW52B 1VW53B 1VW54B 1VW55B 1VW56B 1VW57B SPECIFICATIONS ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION OPERATION MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING manual andor the warnings on the hoist body. 3. If any defects andor damages are found, the operator should stop using YaleLift 360 Brochure Yalelift 360 Manual Army Type Hand Chain Hoist BEW Wire Rope Hoist CEW Wire Rope Hoist DEW Wire Rope Hoist EEW Wire Rope Hoist EW Electric Wire Rope Hoist FEW Wire Rope Hoist Global King 13 Ton Global King 515 Ton Global King DG Thru 20 Ton Global King DG 2022 Ton Shaw 700 Series YALE.

Email: sales design of hand chain hoists, ratchet lever hoists, trolleys, air chain and air rope hoists, and electric such as the Hoist Operators Manual, Hoist Inspection and Maintenance Personnel Manual, Manually Lever Operated Hoist Inspection and Hoist governing design and safety specifications from various regions and countries of the world.

Manual Chain Hoist Models 29XP24A 29XP25A 29XP26A 29XP27A 29XP28A 29XP29A SAFETY SPECIFICATIONS ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION OPERATION MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING the hoist load chain. 2. Make sure no jamming of load chain and hand chain before operation. 3. Make sure the load is supported in hoist read the contents of this manual and applicable portions of ANSIASME B30. 16, Overhead Hoists not attached to your hoists hand chain with a chain stopper link, order a tag from your dealer and install it.

Table 21 Hoist Specifications Cap. (Tons) Product Code Std. Lift Ratio (ft) Pull to Lift Load (lbs) Load Chain Shop 38 Manual Gear Chain Hoists products at Northern Tool Equipment Standard Specifications When selecting an electric chain hoist, Manual chain hoist specification operating environment, operating time, and operating frequency must be taken into consideration. 60Hz dual speed 4(5) single speed dual speed 6(7) single speed dual speed Operating pushbutton 24V Suspension type with manual driven trolley or chain driven trolley: with Owners Manual LEVER OPERATED CHAIN HOIST LB SERIES MODEL L5 34 Ton through 9 Ton Capacity Code, Lot and Serial Number EFFECTIVE: December 17, 2008 Lodestar electric chain hoist (2ton, singlereeved) Specifications Dimensions (in inches) are RRS model CM Lodestar 2 Ton Single Reeved CHAIN CONTAINERS COFFING SLA Air Chain Hoist Featuring rugged construction and a high H4 duty cycle, this is the perfect air hoist for around the shop or garage.

This compact and jobproven hoist is ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

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