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Square Wave Sources: Digclock and Vpulse. Directions given for PSpice Schematics. This DC source is only used in the DC Sweep and does not cause a voltage offset to be added to the pulse when performing a transient analysis.

Square Wave Sources in PSpice Independent current source& stimulus (PULSE) 143 Independent current source and stimulus pulse waveform formulas 144 analyses in PSpice. Included in this manual are detailed command descriptions, startup option definitions, and a PSpice your Microsoft Windows Users Guide.

SPICESimulation using LTspice IV Square Wave (f 1591 Hz) 27. Triangle Wave (f 1591 Hz) 28 4. 5. Frequency Domain simulation: AC Sweep 29 5. FFT ( Fast Fourier Transform But the more important version for the normal user is PSPICE o In the PSpice library, select analog.

olb, eval. olb, and source. olb. Select Open to install these libraries. All three libraries can be installed at once by using the CTL key on the keyboard when selecting the library with the mouse. Using Sinusoidal Inputs in PSPICE In this tutorial, we will review the use of Square source pspice manual to simulate a circuit with a sinusoidal input. Figure 1 shows the PSPICE schematic for a circuit that was analyzed in class. The original source the frequency in Hz is 2(2) 1 0.

3183. Figure 1. PSPICE Schematic PSPICE LAB MANUAL ECEBEC 1 PSPICE LAB MANUAL LAB CODE: EC 262 Prepared By N. VENKATA SUDHEER Dept. of ECE After running this in PSpice, we start PROBE, choose" Add" from the" Trace" menu and plot the the signal source and the load share the collector lead as a common connection point PSpice Advanced Analysis allows PSpice and PSpice AD users to optimize performance and improve quality of designs Online PSpice Reference Guide An online, searchable reference manual for the PSpice simulation software products Online PSpice Quick Reference Concise descriptions of the commands, shortcuts, and PSpice tutorial; including some features, such as volatge sources, which are not well covered in the online documentation.

first PSpice takes it to be a sine source, so if you want to simulate a cosine wave you need to add (or subtract) a 90 phase shift. you should consult the online PSpice manual if you are unsure about any of the Square source pspice manual schematics you draw on PSpice will need the following: a voltage source, components, wires, and a ground.

The next couple of sections will instruct you on how to draw a full circuit. Square Wave Sources: Digclock and Vpulse Directions given for PSpice Schematics.

Vpulse Two arbitrary voltage levels Can include a ramp as the source changes between voltage levels Can be set for a single or repeating pulse Time delay can be set before pulse(s) begin ECEN 2612 PSpice and Fourier Analysis (10.

0 points) Lab# 8. Name: Partner: do a Fourier Analysis of the Vi square wave source itself, and compare its results with your other work and with the theory. Set the PSpice print area appropriately for your circuit schematic to allow for maximum clarity of your work.

And print PSpice Browse Cadence PSpice Model Library Cadence PSpice technology offers more than 33, 000 models covering various types of devices that are included in the PSpice Lite software. Download PSpice Lite for free and get all the Cadence PSpice models.

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