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Tokyo Boeki Biolis 50i Superior Chemistry Analyzer Information The clinical analyzer in the next stage. 2 Rapid correspondence by a new function for HbA1c s Hemolysis of whole blood sample for HbA1c is available automatically. BiOLiS 50i Superior The best to the requirements for functionality and usability. 3 Accuracy Features Main Unit Arrangement discrete, single line random access, multitest analysis 36 items 3 ISE items 480 testshour (580 tests per hour with ISE) 160 testshour for HBA1c only (with hemolysis) Automated Clinical Analyzer Model: Biolis 50i Condition: New The Biolis 50i is designed to measure 480 tests per hour, or 580 tests per hour with ISE.

Key functions of the system include HbA1c automatic preparation, clot detection, and dedicated ISE probe. Biolis 50i Superior The instrument is the latest model based on our current analyzer, BiOLis 24iTRX7010. (Ever since its launch in 2002, BiOLiS 24i Premium has been used at more than 3, 000 medical facilities in more than 60 countries in the world, enjoying the numberone share in the compactsized equipment market. Consult Tokyo Boeki Machinery's entire BiOLiS 50i Superior catalogue on MedicalExpo.

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