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Mar 03, 2014 Capp Pipette Manual Bravo single channel Wolflabs. Variable Dispense Mode with a VIAFLO Electronic Single Channel Pipette Duration: CAPP Tempo Pipette Controller Compared to using manual pipettes, an electronic pipette like the Sartorius Picus electronic pipette Picus MultiChannel is costefficient, can increase lab productivity by reducing a lab representative's workload, and can be an alternative to automated pipetting systems.

Pipettes Pipette Tips; Picus Electronic Pipettes. Picus Electronic Pipettes. User Manual Language onetouch operatingbutton and featherlight electronic tip ejection help minimize muscle strain; Electronic piston control and brake ensure accurate, userindependent pipetting results Capp single channel electronic pipette will optimize your serial work with advanced functions such as multi dispensing, dilution and mixing all available while easily Capp electronic pipette manual muscle through the selfexplanatory graphic user interface.

Capp Pipettes include Capp Bravo, Capp Tempo Pipette Controller, CappRhythm Repeating Pipette, CappAero Fixed Volume Pipettes, CappTronic Electronic Pipettes, Capp R10 Repeater, and Capp Aero.

With an overexaggerated curved finger hook to make holding the pipettes a breeze, Capp is redesigning the shape of pipettes with Sartorius Biohit Pipettes are available in different options and can cater to a variety of needs. Sartorius electronic pipettes are ideal for laboratories that perform daily, repetitive liquid handling where precision, speed, and ergonomics are at the center of focus.

Capp Pipettes Matrix Pipettes Drummond Pipettes MTC Bio Pipettes The Capp Multichannel pipette guarantees single channel accuracy and precision across all channels due to the special design and construction of the Capp piston assembly. The incredibly robust and fully autoclavable pipette body offers easy maintenance wh Electronic Tip Ejection and a softtouch operating button minimizes muscle strain; Manual Pipetting Provides a brief description of standard features and design of the Picus NxT electronic pipette multipack by Sartorius.

: Tech Resource (PDF) Data Sheet: Picus NxT Electronic Pipettes by Sartorius Manufacturer of liquid handling equipment: world's first manual 64channel pipette, wide range of single& multichannel manual& electronic pipettes. Pipettes. Manual Pipettes; Electronic Pipettes; Pipette Controllers; Serological Pipettes; Repeat Dispenser; CAPP MultiChannel Pipettes Colourcoded volume controls for ease of selection; CAPP pipettes are supplied with variable volume controls which are colourcoded for ease of selection.

Fixed volume controls can also

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