Spectra physics tsunami manual

It is part of a system composed of the Verdi (the pump laser for the Tsunami), the Tsunami and the Opal (an optically pumped parametric oscillator, which is driven by the Tsunami). Manufacturer: SpectraPhysics (Newport Corporation) Used SPECTRA PHYSICS TSUNAMI ULTRAFAST for sale.

Laser system THERMO NESLAB KMC Spectra physics tsunami manual Chiller 3955 Mode locker control SP 3910 Air purge Femto second Pico second Includ This manual contains information you need to safely operate and maintain your SpectraPhysics Spitfire Ti: sapphire amplifier system. The Spitfire is for the SpectraPhysics Tsunami or Mai Tai lasers.

The Introduction contains a brief description of the Spitfire head assem The Model 3980 is designed for use with a SpectraPhysics Tsunami modelocked Ti: sapphire laser that is pumped by either a Millennia diodepumped, solidstate cw laser or a BeamLok 2060 or 2080 ion laser. Refer to your Tsunami User's Manual and follow the instructions in Chapter 5, Operation, to start your Tsunami laser, then The Tsunami series Specifications only apply when the specific Tsunami model is pumped by a SpectraPhysics Millennia eV 25 W, 15 W, 10 W or 5 W solid state laser and the entire Tsunami Environmental Package is installed.

2. Requires LoktoClock. Tuning range without Lok used SPECTRA PHYSICS TSUNAMI 3960# for sale. Buy it. Ultrafast laser system Lock clock option: No GTI Head Pump laser type: Ti: Sapphire laser oscillator Manual included. loci. wisc. edu SpectraPhysics Ti: sapphire Ultrafast Laser System, Millennia and Tsunami.

SpectraPhysics femtosecond Tsunami laser and Millennia pump laser. The system has been fully tested and meets the manufacturers original specifications. The Mai Tai series reliability is maintained using the ultrastable regenerative mode locking technique proven with the SpectraPhysics Tsunami oscillator. Using this method, SpectraPhysics. # 1 in Ultrafast. # 1 in Ultrafast means innovation to deliver the broadest portfolio of cutting edge ultrafast lasers and to ensure the right solution for your unique requirements.

It means expertise from the widest scope of ultrafast applications and the Tsunami provides the Tsunami ModeLocked Ti: sapphire Laser iv Should you experience any problems with any equipment purchased from SpectraPhysics, or you are in need of technical information or support, When the Tsunami oscillator is combined with the broad range of SpectraPhysics harmonic generators and optical parametric oscillators, such as the Inspire OPO, wavelength coverage spans from 210 nm From SpectraPhysics OPAL literature: The SpectraPhysics Opal is a synchronously pumped parametric oscillator (SPPO) that delivers tunable femtosecond pulses from 1.

1 to 2. 25 microns. Opal enhances the versatility of the Tsunami TM ultrafast Ti: sapphire laser by extending its Del Mar Photonics I am interested in your pulse picker system (stand alone) for use with a Spectra Physics Tsunami fs laser with 82 MHz rep rate and output wavelength 800 nm. Equipment location: Ohio Additional information: Tsunami PICOSECOND modelocked laser pumped with SpectraPhysics Millennia V Millenia V pump laser: 5 watts @ 532nm, with new hermetically sealed pump diodes with with only 86 hrs.

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