Intellirock maturity system manual

intelliRock Spreadsheets intelliRock II Concrete Maturity, Temperature, and Moisture Measurement System intelliRock II is the second generation intelliRock system designed to give construction professionals the realtime information needed to safely and The intelliRock Resource Guide was created as a reference for Engineers, Inspectors, QAQC professionals, Materials Managers and others who create and maintain construction policies, procedures, methods and specifications.

Model: Maturity Logger 4ft 10 pack Go to Support Page Based on ASTM C 1074" Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method, " intelliRock Maturity Loggers analyze the time and temperature profile of inplace concrete to calculate Intellirock maturity system manual inplace strength of concrete in realtime with the push of a button. The intelliRock wireless system allows data from remote sensorsloggers to be brought directly to your desktop. By connecting a wireless base station to your computer, and remote transmitters to any intelliRock II product (including maturity, temperature, humidity, and precast loggers) data from intelliRock loggers can be downloaded directly into intelliRock software, straight from the intelliRock is a concrete maturity and temperature profiling system that helps complete construction projects faster by providing realtime, insitu concrete strength and temperature data that helps accelerate concrete operations.

IntelliRock concrete maturity loggers are more durable and simpler to operate than a thermocouple based system, benefits include: Automatic concrete maturity calculation, information is available onsite with no processing, site staff can read maturity of concrete and make a decision using only the handheld reader.

The IntelliRock maturity system consists of three components: a logger, which is an intelligent sensor that calculates maturity within the structure where it is placed The system can function either as maturity meter or a temperature profiling system depending on the logger used.

Data reported by the Engius intelliRock maturity loggers along with a calibration graph generated from reference cylinders gives a convenient measure of inplace concrete strength. Search among more than user manuals and view them online in. pdf intelliRock II Concrete Maturity and Temperature Measurement System. intelliRock II is the second generation intelliRock system designed to give construction professionals the realtime information needed to safely and efficiently manage concreterelated workflow.

Profiling System Product Help Guide The intelliRock II system is a stateoftheart concrete maturity and temperature profiling system. The system is comprised of three major components: Loggers, Readers, and Windows Software. 2. Enhanced Quality Control. The intelliRock system provides contractors a way to perform early onsite concrete mix verification.

When the intelliRock system is used on a construction project, a set of data is first collected to calibrate intelliRock maturity readings to

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