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Console Commands: The Symfony framework provides lots of commands through the binconsole script (e. g. the wellknown binconsole cache: clear command). These If the scripts or the data of your application change, the cache will contain outdated information. To avoid incoherence and bugs, you can remove parts of the cache in many different ways, according to your The Cache component is a strict implementation of the PSR6: Caching Interface standard.

You can use it to cache arbitrary content in your application and some Symfony components use it internally to Symfony 2 cache clearing issue. Ask Question. up vote 12 down vote favorite. 6. My Symfony 2 website has recently been giving me problems when I try to clear the cache. I type the following command in the terminal: Symfony 2. 7 cache: clear command checks every database connection.

0. The Cache Component: The Cache component provides an extended PSR6 implementation as well as a PSR16" Simple Cache" implementation for adding cache to your applications. It is designed fo Peruse our complete Symfony& PHP solutions catalog for your web development needs. sensiolabs. com. Home; How to Use the Console Also, the result of some commands will be different depending on the environment.

For example, the cache: clear command will clear the cache for the specified environment only. To clear the prod cache you need I got similar problem since updating to Symfony 2. 8. appconsole cache: clear eprod vvv Failed to remove directory To expand on leek's post, Symfony 2 cacheclearing operations shuffle the cached items across different folders during the cleanup.

Part of this process includes creating cachedevnew and cachedevold folders. So, to clear the cache, you can just remove all the files and directories under cache. And symfony is smart enough to recreate the directory structure it needs if it does not exist. And symfony is smart enough to recreate the directory structure it needs if it does not exist.

Just clear cache manually by rm Rf appcache. After that you should warm up cache via php appconsole cache: warmup envprod. Note, users will lose the session if you didn't configure session: savepath in config. yml.

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