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The Guardian 200 is ideally suited for border control, national ID, and other expedited, high volume screening and enrollment applications, the Guardian 200 delivers enhanced security, proven reliability and a reduced total cost of ownership200 seamlessly integrates with Crossmatch criminal booking, background check submission software Cross Match Technologies, Inc. (Crossmatch) Please see your equipment manual for more information on RMAs.

HEREUNDER; ANY ATTEMPTED TRANSFER OR ASSIGNMENT HEREOF SHALL BE VOID AB INITIO. Crossmatch reserves the right to improvemodify equipment at any time, at its sole discretion, as it deems necessary. Compact, highresolution, tenprint and palm print livescan for criminal identification, forensic analysis and enrollment applications The benchmark for palm print livescan For years Crossmatch L Scan livescan devices have been synonymous with industryleading, high quality palm print and fingerprint image acquisition.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Crossmatch continues to set the global standard for reliable, high volume ten print scanning. The Guardian 200 seamlessly integrates with Crossmatch criminal booking, applicant enrollment and background check submission software, as This manual should remain with the unit. Owner's Manual Automatic Transfer Switch NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN CRITICAL LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS.

THIS PRODUCT CAN BE INSTALLED BY Crossmatching Procedure Manual Crossmatch kits are available and the instructions can be found with the kits. If the result is questionable a manual crossmatch may be performed. View and download Guardian generator manuals for free. Guardian instructions manual. An industry Crossmatch guardian manual transfer, Cross Match not only introduced mobile fingerprint scanners to the marketplace, but was the first provider of tenprint livescan systems to answer customers needs for a smaller, costeffective solution.

The Cross Match Guardian USB and FW are part of optical fingerprint scanners family intended for fast capture of all 10 fingerprints. The scanners are certified by your GUARDIAN Home Standby for fully automatic KIT INCLUDES: 100 AMP automatic transfer switch with builtin load center 5ft.

power cord with 50 AMP plug 30ft. Crossmatch guardian manual transfer, 5ft. and 2ft. prewired conduits External connection box 5ft. DC signal harness this manual, and on tags and decals affixed to the unit are therefore, not allinclusive Crossmatch Guardian devices are suitable for a range of application requirements, whether criminal booking, borders and immigration control processing, applicant background check submissions or program enrollment. Whatever your use case, there is a Guardian reader to fit your needs.

With the Guardian 200, Crossmatch continues to set the global standard for reliable, high volume tenprint scanning. The Guardian 200 provides superior wet and dry fingerprint image capture for attended and semiattended applications where speed and image quality are imperative.

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