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3 Slot Payphones and Payphone parts for3 slot Pay phones an Western Electric, Gray, Automatic Electric and Northern Electric are found here Old Phone Shop Western Electric 233G, automatic prepay payphone or paystation. It is original chrome with a beige handset and daisy.

The 233G is probably the most common model of Western Electric antique pay telephone out there. Oldphoneworks. com has a large selection of vintage payphone parts to complete your phone refurbishing project.

Replacement 1A Relay for Western style payphones. Available with optional Elcotel or Protel connector. Features: Compatible with almost any Western Electric style Payphone. These sections should be a great help in repairing, testing, and identifying various Western Electric telephones and related products. Or perhaps you have a payphone you have no idea how to put to use well, there are two complete BSP's on this Site on payphones!

Jan 16, 2017 How to open a Western Electric Payphone Vault No Key Offical Version Single slot The 14A type lock was the first in the 14 series and was introduced at the time of the new 3 slot Western Electric vault door or what we know as the flat door with no trim around the edge.

The 14A unlike the 14B, C or D can be spotted right away by the round key Jan 07, 2013 Western Electric Pay Phones (Moderator: DavePEI) Western Electric 1D2 Payphone how to hook up for home use? If anything comes to mind, I will let you know.

I am still trying to find a drawing or manual for that later 32B assembly. There have been quite a few 1D2s with this later board showing up lately. Mar 14, 2014 western electric 1973 retro FAQ, a good show near indestructible payphone, made by western electric the main production branch of the bell system. Better than your cell phone any day. The Western Electric 160 Series Payphone. By Stan Schreier ATCA# 2561. Of all the 3 slot payphones sought by collectors the Western Electric 160 series are the most difficult to find.

How to convert a western electric 233g payphone for home use Answered by a verified Electronics Technician I used to show them in high school comunacacation class. They were in storage for some time and now don't work.

I have an old western electric 229 w telephone but it has none of the wires connected, can I get a wiring diagram Your complete source for Antique Western Electric telephones including dials, dial parts and handset parts. We have cloth covered cords for any Western Electric model from Wood wall telephones and candlestick telephones to the Western Electric 302 telephone 3 Slot Payphone vault Lock and Key Western Electric 30C. 43. 00. Add To Cart. Clear Western Electric Payphones and Phone Booths.

A look inside of a modern 1D2 model Western Electric payphone. Sewing Machine Automatic Answering Service" Mirrophone" wire ribbon recorderplayer Telephones PicturePhone Bell Chime.

Western Electric (Bell System) singleslot rotary model made around 1978

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