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ABP is a Specialty Distributor for IP Technology Products. This web store is for the use of ABP Partners. Certain key accounts and government entities have access to some product categories. The QX500 can support up to 500 IP devices and 80 concurrent calls. SIP trunking allows for the QX500 to connect directly to an ITSP with no additional equipment.

The QX500 includes a firewall and SIP Intrusion Detection for optimal security. E1, T1, FXO, ISDN BRI and FXS ports can easily be provided using the Epygi QX Gateways. Epygi QX line of premisedbased products consists of seven IP PBXs and three Gateways which are modular and customizable, can easily fit your company's size and needs.

At Epygi Technologies, our team is committed to delivering your small to medium to enterprisesized business with one integrated communication solution to meet your specific needs. Quadro6L4L2x2 Manual I: Installation Guide Step 1: Installing the Quadro Fig. l 12: Installation: Quadro6L behind a router with IP phones on LAN Quadro4L behind a router with IP phones connected to LAN Quadro2x2 is connected accordingly.

The Epygi 2x2 is a great little system with all the same features of the larger system the only difference is the limit of phone that you can connect to the system a total of 26 with 24 IP extensions and 2 Analogue extension (analogue extensions are used for faxes, cordless phones, conference phones and more).

All My Business Voice technicians are trained in the installation of the Epygi 2x2 system. Quadro6L4L2x2 Manual I: Installation Guide Step 4: MakingReceiving Calls If you want to establish a dial plan between several Quadro units in a private group, refer to Appendix: Registering on Epygis SIP Server, which describes how to change the default, SIP addresses on Epygi Technologies is a VOIP company which designs, manufactures and globally distributes featurerich IP PBXs, VOIP gateways and costsaving SIP conference servers.

Jan 13, 2013 HI All, I m using quadro 2x2 with one line and 3CX for other line with grandtream gateway. For 3CX i m using sip5060, then for quadro what port should i use for sip. Using 3cx i can connect my remote extention. can I use same port for both PBX or should I change. Thanks Configuring the Epygi Quadro 2X2 Set up the Epygi Quadro 2X2 SIP Server, with the approach that it is a 4part process: PART 1 Configure the unit to the desired

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