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To start or stop the WebSphere Application Server node agent:. Ensure that you are logged in as the nonroot user that was ID created before WebSphere Commerce was installed.

; Ensure that your database management system is started. Log on to the node manager computer as an administrator. Click Start Control Panel Administrative Tools Services, and then locate and select the service called TIBCO Spotfire Node Manager. To the left of the services list, click Start in the phrase" Start the service" to start the node manager Windows service. Click Stop to the left of the services list to stop a running node manager The Node Manager is the WebLogic Server utility to control the lifecyclestart, stop, restartof the WebLogic Managed Server instances and the Administration Server.

It should be available on each and every node in a distributed Weblogic env You can use System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) to back up your Configuration Manager site database. Create a new protection group in DPM for the site database computer.

On the Select Group Members page of the Create New Protection Group Wizard, you select the SMS Writer service from the data source list. Configuring SSL for a production environment involves obtaining identity and trust for the Node Manager and each Administration and Managed Server with which the Node Manager will be communicating and then configuring the Node Manager, the Administration Server, and any Managed Servers with the proper identity and trust.

However, if this method of removal has not been used (for example, if the node has become permanently unavailable), the cluster node will remain in the configuration though the node no longer exists, and it must be removed manually. To manually remove a node from the cluster configuration, take the following steps: 1. Save the configuration. This task sets up the mount proxy nodes by updating the backuparchive client options and verifying connectivity to the Tivoli Storage Manager server.

Procedure Specify these options in the dsm. sys file, in the stanza for the mount proxy node. 6 Using Node Manager This chapter provides information on how to start and stop the Javabased and scriptbased Node Manager in WebLogic Server. It also provides information on the recommended procedures for starting servers using Node Manager.

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