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Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries. Do you use the right techniques when handling? Follow our tips and best practices for safety. Manual handling poster. Download this free Manual Handling Poster HERE to use at your school, college or Hse posters manual handling techniques.

There are many Manual Handling posters with most of them concentrating on correct posture and lifting technique. Provides guidance on correct manual handling techniques SAFE MANUAL HANDLING POSTER 400g LAMINATED A4 SIGN.

Clear health and safety posters and workplace signs office sign Reducing manual handling risks in carpet retail Assessment of repetitive tasks of the upper limbs (the ART tool) Are you making the best use of lifting and handling aids? Comprehensive and uptodate guidance on manual handling Safe Manual Handling Photographic Poster.

Safe Manual Handling Photographic Poster. Clearly outlines how to avoid injury and be safe by using the correct lifting procedures and handling techniques; Includes advice on legislation, types of potential injury, risk assessments and the Manual Handling Training Posters. These free manual handling signs are provided free for your use. Please feel free to display them in your workplace. The several common injuries associated with the poor manual handling techniques or procedures are all musculoskeletal or characteristics and are: The muscular sprains and strains caused when the muscular tissue (or tendon or ligament) is stretched beyond its normal capability leading to the bruising, weakening and the painful inflammation As our Manual Handling Statistics poster shows, an estimated 11.

6 million working days a year are lost to workrelated Musculoskeletal Disorders, or MSDs. In fact MSDs are the single biggest cause of workplace injury in the UK! Whats more, many of these injuries could be prevented if people used correct manual handling techniques, or principles The term manual handling covers a wide variety of activities including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying. If any of these tasks are not carried out appropriately there is a risk of injury.

Home Articles Manual handling poster for your work site. Manual handling poster for your work site and the safe manual handling techniques. The manual handling poster will help to communicate the basic manual handling tips and also create awareness on manual handling issues in the workplace. It is necessary that manual handling posters be

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