Manual winches for wire rope

Winches and Capstans Winches are operated using steel wire rope cable and capstans are operated using special cord rope. Options for powering winches are manual cranking, electric power, gas powered or battery powered. Wire Rope Winches 1750 lbs lbs Rated Capacity Video Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted. ModelRated Capacity (lbs)Rated Forward Handpower (lbs)Rated Forward TravelWire Rope DiameterMax Travelling Hand Operated Wire Rope Winches and Hoists A comprehensive range of manual winches and hand hoists from various manufacturers, all available with a Manual hand winch with capacities from lbs.

The M Series manual hand winch features an integrated load brake. Designed for lifting or pulling. Wire Rope Hoists. Carbon Steel. Electric Wire Rope Hoist: M55; M55: Air Wire Rope HoistPneumatic Hoist; Hot Metal Wire Rope Hoist; Manual Wire Rope Winches Our Manual Wire Rope Manual Winches are one of our best selling range of winches designed for maximum versatility and efficiency.

They 1732 of 131 results for" manual rope winch" Hand Manual Winches, 600 lbs Heavy Duty Hand Crank Strap Gear Winch ATV Boat Trailer(US Stock) (Manual Winches) by shaofu. any application where a wire rope winch can be mounted; Made of DuttonLainson WG2000 Worm Gear Winch 2000 lb. by DuttonLainson Company. Manual winches All our wire rope winches are certified to raise and lower loads, come supplied with CE certification and we can supply spare parts to ensure you will be able to service your lifting equipment for years to come.

Manual Winches MANUAL CABLE PULLER HAND WINCHES WINCH FEATURES Winches are coated with an oven cured epoxy that outlasts a conventional finish. It provides an extremely tough, durable finish with resistance to rust, salt, spray chemical erosion, general weathering, abrasion and impact. Steel wire rope, hooks and Tirfor machines are portable manual hoists used with maxiflex wire rope.

They can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the wire rope length. They can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the wire rope length.

Manual winches for wire rope DF3 Upright Manual Winch Owners Manual 7 Wind the wire rope onto the drum by operating the winch.

Maintain tension on the wire rope to insure that the first coil lays snugly against the drum flange and each successive coil is snug Wire Rope Winches for sale at Lifting Gear Direct. Buy a heavy duty manual hand winch, they are ideal for lifting, pulling& positioning applications. World class provider of planetary winches WINCH APPLICATION MANUAL Winch operators must read and understand contents fully.

Rev 1 Because of continued product winch, wire rope, or mounting base. Shifting into high speed with a suspended load could result in loss of speed control of the load. Drifting of

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