Stair railing height code manual

Full Answer. If the stair rail, the part that provides protection on the open side of the stairs, doubles as a handrail, the stair rail must measure between 36 and 37 inches from the upper surface of the stair treads. How can the answer be improved? A stair railing height code is the list of building code specifications for the required height of a railing on a stairway for Stair railing height code manual purposes. Railing height codes differ based on the type of railing.

Does My Stair Railing Have to be a Specific Height? Guard and Stair Railing Height are dictated by the building codes. First, determine whether you are dealing with a handrail or a guard. A handrail is in place to provide guidance on a stair. It is required when you have two or mores risers on ramps with a rise greater than 6 inches. Deck Railing Height Diagrams For The USA& Canada These deck railing height diagrams are a great reference for your design and building portfolio.

They include the actual height of the rail above the deck, the height above grade when a guardrail is required and important baluster spacing dimensions. Railings used on stairs, balconies, decks, ramps, walks: We explain the difference between a handrail, a stair rail and a guardrail, and we provide specifications and building code specifications& sketches of proper, safe, and improper, unsafe handrails and other types of railings.

Staircase code helps you avoid this. IRC Stair Railing Code. This guide provides you with highlights of stair handrail code and guard requirements as derived from the 2015 International Residential Code for Oneand TwoFamily Dwellings and 2015 International Building Code.

Guard railing height& other specifications and building codes: Guidelines for building guardrails on balconies, decks, landings, stair landings: this document provides building code specifications, sketches, photographs, and examples of defects used in inspecting indoor or outdoor guards or guard railings required at stairway landings, porches, decks, walkways, balconies. Stairways that have over four risers or are higher than 30 inches must have railings installed on each side, unless one of them is a wall.

The interior stairway railing height code in Toronto dictates that the optimum railing height is between 34 and 38 inches.

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