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about DameWare Mini Remote Control DameWare Support and Knowledge base Browse DameWare knowledge base for useful resources on using DameWare Mini Remote Control Ask the Community thwack Browse thwack, SolarWinds online user community, for tips and tricks on using DameWare Mini Remote Control. Dameware Central Server, which comes standard with Dameware Remote Support, allows for centralized management of users, licenses, and hosts.

Learn more. Configure the Dameware Central Server to autoapprove remote hosts Bind a selfsigned certificate to prevent Dameware client agent warnings during installation Change the idle time for Remote Support and Mini Remote Control users Stop the Dameware Central Server service. Create a backup and remove the SolarWinds database ( DameWareDB.

sdf ) from the current directory. Reinstall the application on top of the existing instance. 4 Chapter 1 Introduction About DameWare Mini Remote Control Version 11.

2 DameWare Mini Remote Control is a centralized remote control applications for computers running a variety of operating systems. In short, Mini Remote Control allows you to view and control remote systems and chat with endusers in a single application. Global Host List Global Host List Overview DameWare Central Server administrators can create a common list of hosts that are available to all technicians by installing the DameWare Central Server and upgrading all consoles to use Remote Support or Mini Remote Control in centralized mode in version Technicians can access the host list in Install DameWare Remote Support DameWare Central Server DameWare Internet Proxy: DameWare Central Server Online Admin Guide Read this manual for detailed instructions on deploying DameWare Remote Support in the Centralized mode.

DameWare Remote Support Release Notes Aug 19, 2015 With the new features of Central server starting w ver. 11, you not only have access to Dameware Remote Services, but you also have MiniRemote Control, allowing you the full set of tools if you need them, or just the quick easy way to access a remote machine.

Now the DameWare Central Server and the Administration Console, this is where all of the, you know, the data is going to be stored. Your user accounts and things of that nature. So, important to keep that inside the firewall. DameWare Development DameWare NT Utilities Mini Remote Control Help Manual. Brought to you by Optrics Engineering, a division of Optrics Inc.

incorporating a centralized interface for remote management of Windows NT2000 Server and Windows NT2000 Workstation machines. Index 1. Windows Views 1. 1 Disk Drives The Dameware Central Server is an optional centralized server component deployed with Dameware Remote Support designed for organizations with large IT departments or those that frequently need secure access to computers located outside of the firewall.

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