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Buckleys Pinhole Holiday Detectors enable inspectors to check quickly and effectively for porosity BUCKLEY'S PHD 120KV PINHOLE HOLIDAY DETECTOR About us Available for rental, the Buckleys PHD 120 Pinhole Porosity Holiday Detector. Designed to be a fully portable, the Buckleys PHD 120 Pinhole Porosity Holiday Detector is perfect for a number of industry applications including inspecting nonconductive coatings and linings quickly for pinholes, porosity and other faults, petrochemical, pipeline construction, plastic fabrication and aerospace The PHD 120 is suitable for checking coating thicknesses of 20 microns to 6.

5mm and is extensively used in the petrochemical, aerospace, pipeline construction and plastic fabrication industries. If additional electrodes and accessories are required, the PHD 120 can be supplied as a Complete Kit (see data sheet D2A).

Adjustable output voltage range: 120kV DC. Variable sensitivity: 0500uA. Suitable for coating thicknesses 20 to 6. 5mm. Maximum continuous current: 1mA. Operating time: 10 hours (average). Meter accuracy: 1. Mains voltage for charging: 110 to 230V AC 5060Hz. The PHD 120 Kit is suitable for checking coating thicknesses of between 20 microns and 6. 5mm. The PHD 120 PinholeHoliday Detector can be supplied as a Basic Kit (Ref: D2) or as a Complete Kit (Ref: D2A see picture) which includes additional electrodes and accessories.

PHD 120 unit with builtin charger and battery, shoulder bag, test probe handle with 2m high voltage lead, mains charger lead, earth lead (5m), steel drum brush, 150mm straight silicone rubber electrode, pointed probe, 2 x 460mm extension rods, earthing magnet, electrode shoe, trimming tool and test voltage calculator.

Buckleys PHD 120 Pinhole Porosity Holiday Detector The Holiday Detector is designed to be a fully portable test instrument delivering an adjustable stabilised D. C. output voltage of 1kv to 20kv for the detection of Pinholes, Porosity or Holidays in metal, concrete or asbestos cement substrates. The Buckleys PHD120 Holiday Detector is available for hire.

The PHD is a fully portable test unit providing an adjustable DC output between 1 and 20Kv. The unit is well suited to the detection of Porosity, Pin Hole& Holidays in insulating protective coatings applied to metal and concrete substrates.

Consult Buckleys (UVRAL) Limited's D24 PHD 120 Kit toiture brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 11 PHD 120kV Pipeline Kit Suitable for coating thicknesses of 20 microns Our ref: D23 to 6. 5mm. PHD 240kV Pipeline Kit For thicker coatings of 60 microns to 26mm. All Buckleys (UVRAL) Limited catalogues and technical brochures. Wet Roof Pro Instruction Manual DATA SHEET D24PHD 120 ROOFING BRIDGE DECK KITThe Buckleys RoofingBridge Deck Test Kit hasbeen specially created to enable inspectors toquickly and effectively check a roof or Bridge Deckfor pinholes and porosity.

The PHD 120 will test non Apply to become a Buckleys dealer. We work closely with our worldwide network of dealers in order to offer excellent service to our customers, wherever they may be and we are currently seeking new dealers. Many of Buckleys phd 1 20 manualidades dealers are able to offer service, repair and calibration facilities locally and have excellent product knowledge and vast Unique Group offers a range of High Voltage Test Equipment including the Buckleys PST100 230V Spark Tester, the Buckleys Low Voltage Pinhole Detector, the Buckleys PHD 120 Roofing Bridge Deck Kit, the Buckleys K Series Reference Cell, the Buckleys Silicone Rubber Electrodes, the Buckleys DCCT Porosity and Cable Tester, the Buckleys PHD 120 Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd.Beta Works, Range Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6HG, England Tel: 44 (0)1303 Fax: 44 (0)1303 email: [email protected]

co. uk web site: www. buckleys. co. uk 0207 BUCKLEYS Method of testing A suitable point on the structure should be identified as an earth connection for the earth lead of the Pinhole Detector. Buckleys' DC Holiday Detectors, Coatings Testers, AC Spark Testers, cathodic protection survey equipment, flat roof leak detection equipment, pipeline coatings testers; all manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide.

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