Retro instruments 2a3 manual

RETRO Instruments 2A3 Dual Program EQ This story begins badly, but stick with it; it gets better. Naturally, I was amped to fondle the new RETRO 2A3 Dual Program EQ, whose circuits are based on one of my favorites, the venerable Pultec EQP1A3.

The Retro Instruments 2A3 eq is just stunning. I have been loving taking one side and sending it into the other side; creamy, juicy and sweet on the bass. The combo side of the Retro Instruments StaLevel and the Retro Instruments 2A3 on bass is unbeatable.

The Retro Instruments recording gear was brilliant as always on the new Switchfoot record. Retro Instruments StaLevel on vocals, 176 on drums and 2A3 on guitars. Retro Instruments products keep what made the originals the best of the best, updating vintage design with modern features to improve functionality creating unique and innovative gear that sounds, looks, and feels vintage and stateoftheart in equal measure.

With the 2A3, Retro Instruments set out to make their version of the ultimate EQP1A3, one that's optimized for modern recording and tweaked in all the right places. Retro more than pulled it off, crafting a stereo EQ that captures the essence of the classic while delivering a brand of magic all its own. RETRO Instruments: 2A3 Dual Program EQ the process really feels thorough. Finally, after a few revisions, the final RETRO 2A3 arrived back at my studio the same version shipping today.

So, does it sound great? So, as an apology for my earlier rant, dear RETRO 2A3 Dual Program EQ, you know that when I hate you, it is because I love The 2A3 features Pultecstyle filters and a switchable highpass filter. When Retro Instruments set out to design a passive equalizer that captured the sonic character of the vintage Pultec EQP1A3, the company didn't strive to create an exact knockoff.

Instead, the designer used modern components RETRO Instruments 2A3 Dual Program EQDual Program EQ, RETRO Instruments 2A3 The RETRO 2A3 Dual Channel Tube Program Equalizer provides a very useful palette of colors and textures ready for tracking, mixing and mastering. RETRO Instruments 2A3 Dual Channel Tube Program Equalizer Features Vintage Tube Amplifiers and CustomDesigned Transformers set the soundstage. True Passive Equalization creates Bountiful and Musical Equalization curves. The new RETRO 2A3 is designed as an ultra HighFidelity Program Equalizer whose sonic benefits go beyond the equalization process.

Accurate to the industrystandard Pultec EQ performance, the RETRO 2A3 adds HF boost frequencies in Search among more than user manuals and view them online in. pdf. this Powerstrip is rather less ordinary. Retro Instruments and designer Phil Moore have established themselves as specialists in updated versions of classic designs. EXTRAS The 2A3 is a dualchannel programme equaliser similar to the Pultec EQP1A3 and among The Retro Instruments 2A3 Dual Channel Tube EQ is a high quality equalizer designed for use in the recording studio.

It is made up of all analog components, including four 12AX7 tubes. It has XLR inputs and outputs in the back, and will take up two spaces in a traditional rack mount. Each of the

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