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How to Calibrate a Smartboard. a projector, and a computer with Smartboard software installed. The Smartboard is an interactive device that tracks finger and pen movements on the screen. If the Smartboard follows your finger or pen movements, the board is calibrated correctly. Show Comments. Related Articles. How Does a Touch Screen Calibrating your SMART interactive product using SMART Product Drivers 12.

To calibrate your SMART Board interactive flat panel, SMART Board interactive whiteboard or SMART Podium interactive pen display To optimize your LightRaise interactive projector light curtain.

In Windows operating systems, press the SMART Board icon (or) IMPORTANTINFORMATION i Importantinformation Troubleshooting your SMART Board M600 or M600V. Overview. Ensure the projector and the interactive whiteboard are securely mounted and not moving. SMART Product Drivers is not installed, is installed incorrectly or the installed version is incompatible with the interactive whiteboard.

SMART Board800series USERSGUIDE Oct 29, 2010 This quick tutorial will demonstrate how to achieve the best accuracy when orienting your Smart Board. Take a look! Calibrating Your Board Mark Morgan Promethean board how to calibrate Chapter1 1 Chapter1: IntroducingyourSMART Board Introduction 1 Features 2 Featurehighlights 2 10 Welcome Using Your Documentation This manual contains all the information you need to set up and use your projector.

Please follow these guidelines as you read through it: This document explains how to troubleshoot issues with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard system with appliance. See the manual included with the projector. Flowchart 1: Getting started To calibrate the cameras, see Calibrating the cameras.

LightRaise Usersguide UF55UF55w Projector Users Guide Part of the SMART BoardTM 600i3 Interactive Whiteboard System SMART Ink TheSMART

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