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Language Reference Manual. Xerox ANS COBOL (for BPMCPV) Xerox and Sigma 59 Computers LalgUage Reference Manual 90 15 000 May 1976 XEROX. REVISION This edition mere Iy incorporates the 90 15 OOC' revision package into the manual.

It Programming Language Committee as to the accuracy and functioning of the programming system and language. Moreover, no responsibility is assumed by any contributor, or by the committee, in connection herewith. Elastic COBOL Language Reference Manual Appendix vi Elastic COBOL Language Reference Manual COBOL85 Standard ANSI X3.

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K is an interactive array and list processing language of mostly functional style, designed and implemented by a single person, Arthur Whitney. Being an experienced APL programmer, Whitney at one time created a dialect of APL called A, aimed at high productivity in numerically intensive applications, including time series data analysis.

This paper should be sufciently selfsupporting so that anyone who knows an imperative language andisacquainted withcomputers should beabletowriteherhis ownCprograms after reading this document. 2 Syntax denition The syntax of Cis given in Figures 1 and 2. 2. 1 General A Cprogram le is written in eight bit ASCII characters.

Using This Documentation. Overview The Oracle Solaris x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual documents the syntax of the Oracle Solaris x86 assembly language.

This manual is provided to help experienced programmers understand the assembly language output of Oracle Solaris compilers. name PostScript in the text are references to the PostScript language as dened by Adobe Systems Incorporated unless otherwise stated. The name PostScript also is used as a product trademark for Adobe Systems implementation of the PostScript language interpreter.

This is the Hive Language Manual. For other Hive documentation, see the Hive wiki's Procedural Language:

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