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The design system and NPS UniGuide manual received the 2004 Society of Environmental Graphic Design Honor Award. The standards are manifested in a 900 page manual that includes general instruction, graphic standards, planning and training program, material specifications and fabrication drawings, installation and maintenance guidelines, and a The NPS Sign Program at HFC continues to maintain the national standards and provide assistance to parks with designing and implementing signs.

The standards are available to NPS personnel on the National Park Service Sign Program Website. Although the National Park Service (NPS) greets nearly 300 million visitors a year at its 390 parks, monuments, and historic sites, their standards for signing (developed in 1966) were limited to motorist guide signs and simple identification panels.

Based on eight prototypes developed for parks including Yosemite and Grand Canyon, and surveys of over 150 other parks, the design team developed This signed and approved amended MOU letter shall also serve to acknowledge FHWA's recognition and approval of the NPS UniGuide Sign Standards, 2004, and the UniGuide sign manual is in substantial conformance with the MUTCD 2003 Edition.

Highway Design Library. Geometric Design; Writing Specifications; Signs and Markings; Safety; National Park Service, 1984 Design standards for use on Park road projects. Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide The current Standard Highway Signs manual. Uniguide Standards Manual The National Park Service signing manual.

Standards, 2004, and the UniGuide sign manual. The National Park Service and partnering agencies will offer internships during the including the Preservation Briefs and Interpreting the Standards (ITS) series, and the Duties include preparing, National Park Service U. S. Department of the Interior NPS UniGuide Sign Standards Visitor Information Sign System VIS and Wayside Hardware Specification Manual Office of NPS Identity NPS UniGuide Sign Program Center for Media Services Harpers Ferry, WV Interpretive media is our passionplacebased, purposebuilt.

We work with our colleagues throughout the National Park System to develop and produce digital media, films, historic furnishings, interpretive plans, maps, museum exhibits, publications, signs, and wayside exhibits. standards, resource information. This manual describes the minimum requirements as specified by the NPS.

Reference to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for National Park Service Identity and Signage. In 2001, Dennis Konetzka Design Group refined the NPS arrowhead logo and adapted it for modern printing techniques. Setting new standards: UniGuide. To remedy this, the NPS hired Don Meeker& Associates to create comprehensive sign standards for national parks. Meeker was selected (though a Fabrication and delivery of the following items per NPS UniGuide standards.

PI3GA Park ID Sign 6" Cap height. 86. 125" x 53. 5" Routed cedar panel, with steel mounting angles.

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