Self-taking jib system manual

Nov 21, 2014 A selftacking jib system makes life on board a lot easier, in particular for short handed crews. Tacking becomes as simple as steering the boat through the wind. Sheet cranes are available for boats fitted with VPS (Vertical Pole Stowage) system. A 2: 1 purchase on the sheet and consequently a singlebecket block for the car is required, to avoid over loading the sheave box in the mast.

Selftacker on Jib Boom. Selftacking jibs and staysails work well with furling systems and jib booms. This system features two sheetsone Self-taking jib system manual the in and out movement of the sail much like an outhaul. The other controls the boom. One of the easier and more pleasant to dos is to figure out the sheeting system of the new self tacking jib that I bought lately.

I've been thinking of four alternatives, all of Self Tacking Jib System Sort by Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Allen Brothers 1000MM Self Tacking Jib System 6. The complete system is mounted onto the deck. Detailed instructions of assembly 1. Cut the track to the correct length by cutting to equal extent in both ends.

The track has the correct length when it extends 80mm outside the sheet angle. It is advisable to compare the length of the existing jib sheet track before cutting the Rutgerson track. 2. The basic principle of a selftacking jib is simple; a means for the clew of the jib to remain sheeted throughout its arc of travel from one side of the sailboat to the other during tacks.

Commercial selftacking systems accomplish this For Selftacking jib system 22 we recommend dealers in the category Advanced Technical Installations. This symbol indicates a delicate moment in The Crossbow selftacking jib system is designed for highperformance dinghies, skiffs, and catamarans under six meters (20 feet).

The system features a curved track that hinges to align both car and track with the sheet loads for less friction, more loadbearing capacity, and for an ultralightweight design.

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