Istreamer vs pure i-20 manual

Nov 22, 2012 I am going to use an Itouch on the Aux input and trying to decided if it is worth the extra complexity to use a Pure i20 to feed a digital signal to the 800 vs using an iStreamer.

In theory the i20 seems Istreamer vs pure i-20 manual be a much better option, but is the difference likely to be audible? but I'd have to check on the manual. Mar 27, 2013  Can an iPod provide an audiophile experience? Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by MusicalHeaven, Mar 26, 2013. then a HRT iStreamer DAC which takes the digital output from the iPod is pretty nice. John76, Mar 26, The i20 by Pure Oct 18, 2012  I found out from the user manual that I could connect my ipod to the digital input of my QUAD CDP99 cd player.

However, I don't hear a thing. If you have the CDPS you won't be able to use it between the Pure I20 and your preamp, you would plug the analog outputs of the I20 into line inputs on your preamp. HRT iStreamer May 21, 2014  Audio Asylum Search of Computer Audio Asylum I got time to trade in my iStreamer for the iDSD if it will work for me. From what I can see an iPod Classic will not work. I am considering using the Pure i20 ipod dock but am concerned as it continually charges the ipod which can hurt the battery.

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