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Jul 11, 2016 I drive both Manual and PDK Boxter S to try a learn what I like better. Big thanks to Dream Makers for letting me do this video. Please check them out at htt 981 Base vs S, manual vs PDK 14' Porsche 981, Guards Red Manual vs. PDK not so much. The PDK MAY have a slightly higher resale value because it's a 3000 option, but that will most likely be offset by higher resale values driven by demand for a manual transmission.

The best one is the most fun one and for the majority of real drivers thatll be the manual for the road and track car. The indication here being that Im a better driver and can smoke you with the manual and you in the quicker PDK.

With PDK, you can still enjoy manual mode, using the shifter like a sequential box, pulling it to for change ups and away for lightningquick change downs in a GT3. Remember though, its the other way around in TurboCarrera models. 981 Boxster S Manual Vs Pdk Porsche Boxster 981 2. 7 PDK 2dr (2013) Porsche Boxster Manual (2014). However, in the type 981 Spyder, the biggest news can be.

However, in the type 981 Spyder, the biggest news can be found right in the 179 mph (178 mph for the PDK) with a 0 To read Josh and Lees full reviews of both Porsche 991 gearbox choices, check out our comprehensive PDK vs Manual trackandroad test in Total 911 issue 113, available to order online or to download immediately. Nov 19, 2013 Latest PDK iterations generally get positive reviews lately and personally I can't argue against them, when I test drove the 981 Cayman S PDK at my local Porsche dealer a while ago it really Porsche and ZF have been collaborating on the design and development of these transaxlescodenamed the DT11 (PDK) and the MT11 (manual)since 2003.

OK, Leslie's comments about the PDK in the latest 911 turbo got me thinking, then I noticed looking up Boaster and Cayman info that the 7 speed PDK in the 981 cars is constantly faster than the 6 speed.

The Porsche 981 is the internal designation given to the thirdgeneration Porsche BoxsterCayman models built by Porsche. It was announced on 13 March 2012 at the Geneva Auto Show with sales starting early summer 2012.

Your Porsche Cayman 981 (ManualPDK with Sensors) Complete Grille Set deserves the very best, and when it comes to something as instrumental to a cars appearance as its grille, quality matters.

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